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Big Saints Row 3 Announcement Coming Soon

Thisisxbox.com has stumbled upon a tweet from THQ's Danny Bilson who, in a reply to a Saints Row fan, assured a big Saints Row 3 announcement is coming soon. The wait will soon be over, Saints Row fans! (PS3, Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Xbox 360)

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eggbert  +   1676d ago
I thought it was Saints Row 3DS..?
TheLastGuardian  +   1676d ago
Way to spoil your own surprise THQ.
captain-obvious  +   1676d ago
whats Saints Row ??
EYEamNUMBER1  +   1676d ago
no saints row 3 and saints row 3DS are 2 different games

on a side not god i ALWAYS HATED that picture >__>
iMaim  +   1676d ago
An announcement of an announcement?
Oh dear god ...
Syaz1  +   1676d ago
next-gen: anouncement within an anouncement within an anouncement.
Quagmire  +   1675d ago
THQ Announcment: Alright guys, Next week we're gonna announce about a game we will be announcing the following week after.
Wenis  +   1676d ago
LOL! yeah right. I'll believe it when I see it.

"Saints Row 3 getting announced at E3 2010!!!"

"Saints Row 3 getting announced at Spike VGAs!!!"

"Saints Row 3 pulled out at last second from VGAs but we promise info in January!!!"
Vegeta9000  +   1676d ago
They're nothing big about the Saints Row games. They suck just like GTA4.
Legion  +   1676d ago
You have one bubble and that is what you choose to write? And who are they? (They're)

I am assuming you have never played either game? Ooopppss... I guess that was a retorical question. You can't answer. :(
LoneWanderer09  +   1676d ago
Saint Row 2 was not that good they better do better with this
thebudgetgamer  +   1676d ago
i thought the amount of things too do was a real strong point but i thought the gameplay was lacking something.
pain777pas  +   1676d ago
Played it this week. Their are definitely a lot of fine tuning needed in the gameplay for vehicles which render some missions harder than they are supposed to be. Like the helicopter missions. Man o man. Some of the activities can be fun but there is so much of a helter skelter feel. Nothing is tight. However, it has insane customization and charm. They have to work on a lot of things but if there is not a GTA5 announcement this year they will be the only gangster themed game this year if it is released this year. I have a feeling GTA5 will be announced at E3 for 2012 so they better get their act together at THQ.
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TenSteps  +   1676d ago
Though on the technical level it was below standard it did have the fun factor and silliness that made it more akin to GTA San Andreas...

Basically they went for all out silly fun and cheesy but awesome story telling over the more realistic more serious approach that GTA4 did.
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xboxman08  +   1676d ago
there is supposed to be two Saints Row titles.....one for xbla & psn and the offical Saints Row 3. Dont take my word for thats just what i read and im actually looking forward to SR3 i liked alot better then gta
ChrisGTR1  +   1676d ago
big ass chains!!protect the pimp! blinged out ride! damn saints row 2 online sucked big donkey balls.

how do u make a sequels online considerably worse than the first game??
silvacrest  +   1675d ago
your spot on there
i rmemeber playing SW1 online multiplayer a hell of alot and it was fun but i didnt even touch multiplayer on SW2
nskrishna2  +   1676d ago
I didn't even know Saints Row has fans....@_@
mynd  +   1676d ago
Or alternativly you could watch sent u a message on XBox and already KNOW THIS.

NobleRed  +   1676d ago
At least they confirmed a new graphic engine for Saints Row 3.

So the graphics will hopefully not suck ass.
Legion  +   1676d ago
I am almost finished with the first Saints Row. (going back through some of my older titles I never got a chance to start)

Totally enjoy the story and though the graphics are dated it is still a fun game. Looking at getting Saints Row 2 and knocking that out before the next tile shows up on store shelves.

The one liners alone are worth the buy:

Johnny Gat: [in an elevator, looking for Tanya] I'm gonna skull-f**k that b*tch.
Main Character: [pause] Hope you don't mind hepatitis
Johnny Gat: So you're Julius' new boy. You don't look like much. Then again, I don't look like I got an eight inch c*ck. So I guess we're both full of surprises.
Julius: That sounded like one hell of an explosion. You okay?
Main Character: [pause] I got run over by a motherf**kin truck. What you think?
Julius: Oh, don't be a b*tch.

ReBurn  +   1676d ago
Saints Row 2 is a lot of fun if you liked the first. Some people just take themselves too seriously around here.
TenSteps  +   1676d ago
And with those quotes you'd think it'd be all fun in SR but they still manage to throw awesome parts that show seriousness.

The way the Flower petals fell to the ground as Jyunichi swung his sword as a means of symbolism showed that they made sure that that event was meant to be serious and emotional (especially for Gat) and not a silly crazy one.
acemonkey  +   1676d ago
they better announce more then 2 game modes online,or they might announce some free DLC for xbox
Psychotica  +   1676d ago
Would be nice if the Saints moved to a different city...
Legion  +   1676d ago
I'm just hoping they don't ruin it with a Zombie mode like all the other franchise bumbs!!
TenSteps  +   1675d ago
It had a zombie mode albeit more of an arcade game in SR2. Plus you had Zombie teammates as bonus teammates.
Legion  +   1675d ago
I do recall that I am about to get the ability to call for backup in Saints 1 that died and comes back in her Reaper vehicle. But at least I don't have to call her and it is more tongue in cheek then an actuall "Lets put Zombies in our game to make everyone buy it" thing.

No different then all these damn vampire movies and tv shows. WTF???? Can't they just get over it already...?
silvacrest  +   1675d ago
i hope there are less bugs in this one, plus please improve the graphic, vehicular control etc

SW has potential, just give it a chance
gamerben  +   1675d ago
That thumbnail is so XTREME that the only reason I clicked this article is to comment on how XTREME it is.

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