Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Fight Night Champion Demo Screenshot Comparison HD (720p )

Lens of Truth writes "“Bell…I didn’t hear no bell” Welcome back for another Head2Head demo screenshot comparison! This week EA Sports has brought the demo for Fight Night Champion to PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Marketplace. In the demo, players get a chance to use two of the greatest boxers of all time, “Iron” Mike Tyson and “the Greatest” Muhammad Ali. Which version looks prime to deliver a TKO to the other? Find out below!"

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RudeSole Devil2728d ago

Surprised how EA dropped the ball on this one..

talltony2728d ago

I just played the ps3 version and it looked fine to me.

RudeSole Devil2728d ago

Not were I'm sitting, try the Xbox 360 version and you can tell because I just did and OMG Xbox version Knocked the PS3 version out!


why is anyone trusting lens of truth? gamers must have short memories.

ManGastaS2728d ago

This never gets old! Xbox 360 keeps owning PS3 after 5 years!

nycredude2728d ago

Does anyone still care about this stuff besides fanboys?

P1NKY2728d ago

To me it looks as though they both have the same amount of jaggies which makes me think that the Xbox is using 4xMSAA whereas the PS3 is using 2xQAA giving it that blurred texture look. The resolution looks to be the same on both but the 2xQAA makes the PS3 version look blurred.

Not really into Sports games anyway so doesn't bother me.

talltony2727d ago

I will go download the 360 version to see for myself since I dont trust anyones opinion but my own.

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Soul Train2728d ago

360 wins with a TKO. Tyson looks bad a$$!

come_stains2728d ago

It didn't get that spanked! They both look good, the Xbox just looks a little cleaner, that's all dog.

specialguest2728d ago

I wouldn't call this a spank either, but it's clear that the 360 version has better contrast and sharper details.

nycredude2728d ago

Umm you do know you can adjust those settings on any tv right? Any game will look better from one tv to the next. I am sure Lens of Truth pretty much loss all creds with their recents fiasco. Even so these differences are so minute you really can't tell much when playing these games. These are only good for fanboy wars.

specialguest2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

My comment was solely for this LOT post and the comparison based on these screens on the assumption that they're using the same tv/settings to do the comparison test. I do understand that you could change he contrast on your tv, but why would you want to do that?

Realistically, it's not like someone with the PS3 version will know how much contrast level to increase just to match the 360 version. They wouldn't notice that there was a problem with the contrast level, since they won't have the 360 version to compare it too.

P1NKY2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

LoT and Digital Foundry do NOT capture their screenshots from a TV, so TV settings are irrelevant in these comparisons. They capture the images DIRECTLY from the CONSOLE.

specialguest2728d ago

Since that's the case, that only makes my arguement more relevant, since these grachics by default would make the 360 version slightly better. KEYWORD: Default

P1NKY2727d ago

Soz. Was replying to "nycredude"

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Joe Bomb2728d ago

For some reason, every sports game looks really bad on the PS3 compared to the 360. Plastic looking sweat and stuff like that.

Tempjf2728d ago

Wow I just played the PS3 version and it looked pretty bad. Come on EA you do better!

jizzyjones2728d ago

It looks incredible an blows past fight nights away graphically, these silly comparisons take all the joy out of playing the game 'O no ps3 versions looks 1% worse if you sit 5 inches away form your TV, I wont bother getting it' come on it doesn't look that bad just enjoy the game.

talltony2727d ago

I dont believe any of you played the ps3 version, because if anyone says it looks terrible you must be lying. I am not easily impressed with any game and I can say it looks fine on ps3. I didnt download the 360 version but I doubt it looks much better.

Sea_Man2728d ago

Yeah well I downloaded the Xbox version and Mike Tyson looks freaking great!

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