PSP sales rocket in Japan

Sales of the PlayStation Portable have increased by over six times on the previous week's figure, according to the latest data available from Media Create. One of the reasons for the PSP's sudden jump in popularity could be the release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on that format - the title sold 487,000 copies in its debut week. Full hardware figures at source:

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MaximusPrime3405d ago

great news for Japan. Im sure it will be the same worldwide (when FF7 crisis core releases)

Douchebaggery3405d ago

77 777 of those were the crisis core special edition

crck3405d ago

were PSP fats. The slim isn't officially released unit this week. Where there has already been a story that they sold roughly 130k units.

Counter_ACT3405d ago

Cool. I can't wait to get hold of CCFF7 myself. :D

TeaDouble_E3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

I really want to get the new PSP sooooo bad !

eagle213405d ago

it will be an cheap system for on the go gaming, and you can play on an hdtv at home! Echochrome, God of War, Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, etc. Sound phenomenal. It is truly the psp's turn.

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