Star Wars: Force Unleashed: A Force Wrecking Ball Pt. 2: The Characters

Meet the characters from The Force Unleashed, and don't worry Jar Jar is nowhere to be found.

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Dukester1013901d ago

This is possibly my "must-have" game of 2008 (right up there with Halo Wars). I love the themes in this story- the unknown, the dark, the fall, the love, the rise, and the redemption.

Lucas is great at story telling, and this will fill those gaps and give us more insight on how sinister and hateful, yet sorrowful Darth Vader really is, and how he conveys that to his apprentice.

Rybnik3901d ago

Yeah, this is definitely on my radar, I am really suspicious of the footage they are showing though, it really seems too good and exactly like their old pre-vis target. However, there is no such disclaimer in this new, I can hope!

ShiftyLookingCow3901d ago

I am not that interested in this game anymore as I am tired of this era in Star Wars universe. I just wish KOTOR 3 is coming in a year or two.

Rooted_Dust3901d ago

I still don't get it. If you're supposed to be Darth Vader's apprentice, why are you fighting Stormtroopers? Unless they are going to let you play as rebel Jedi, I really don't see how it would make sense, just like the video of a Dark Jedi crashing a Star Destroyer....why?

Dukester1013901d ago

He is only carrying out Darth Vader's orders, and sometimes those orders are infiltration and stealth on the part of the "unknown apprentice."

Stormtroopers, while not an immediate threat, may be a threat to his mission in carrying out Darth Vaders dark deeds....

gamesR4fun3901d ago

Until we know the story hard to say but I recon the apprentice will turn on his master.


Can't wait for '08. You fight stormtroopers & destroy Tie fighters because you are a spy for Vader with a hidden agenda. The only thing that's probably going to hold this title back is it's being developed for to many formats. Too bad it won't be optimized for the 360 & the PS3.

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