Crysis 2 Multiplayer is Full of Fail

Hit detection, horrible matchmaking, ridiculous rifle recoil are just some of the issues to plague Crysis 2's multiplayer. But none of those issues truly matter in light of one game breaking glitch that is ridiculously easy to exploit.

Find out the details after the break.

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WhiteNoise2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

"Multiplayer DEMO"


Final releases are always improved over demo's and beta's.

Fail author.


The author also thinks that EA developed the game...he comments in the vid that he doesn't think that EA ( wtf???? ) will fix the game.

How about this non contributing monotone stoner get a job and stfu.

MAJ0R2872d ago

eh sometimes, but to me it seems very unlikely that all the issues will get fixed

I_find_it_funny2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

same here, and im not excited about Crysis 2 at the very least

DualConsoleOwner2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

and what i've seen and played so far. it isnt good.

On consoles, it doesnt even have good graphics compared to PS3 exclusives such as KZ2.

WhiteNoise2872d ago

Despite your username, your comment history suggest you have not even played the demo as you likely don't own a 360

Educate yourself

Shackdaddy8362872d ago

Actually Crytek said it was really a beta.

RedDead2872d ago

That actually makes alot pof sense, it's out around the same time as the Killzone 3 open beta. I think both are just trying to sort out the servers/

evrfighter2872d ago

Crytek doesn't know the first thing about online gaming. Their piss poor support for Crysis is proof enough.

meetajhu2872d ago

The Joker is crazy as they say...

ChrisGTR12872d ago

i thought it was good but it took a couple matches to get used to it. its very similar to killzone 2 where its more about skill to get kills than just runing around praying and spraying like cod. the melee system needs some rebalancing though.

RedDead2872d ago

It's more like killzone 2 than Killzone 3 is. lols/troll

I haven't played the demo, I ain't paying for live just for a demo, Crytek are being pri**s and I was even thinking of getting this on the Ps3 but obviously they no the 360 is missing something to compete with Killzone so they're trying to appease the 360 fanbase and leaving the Ps3 in the dust. No money from me Crytek

RockmanII72872d ago

So your not buying the game because the demo isn't on your console of choice? That's kind of a crappy reason.

ZombieAssassin2872d ago

It sounds more like he's not buying the game because he doesn't have a demo to try and he doesn't want to pay to try it.

Echo3072872d ago


Please don't feed the trolls. They've already infested this article. Probably best to move and comment somewhere else... that is, if you can find anywhere on N4G where they aren't lurking.

MeNoRasta2872d ago


I bet you pay for psn+ for the demos tho.

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ChrisGTR12872d ago

ok i havent played killzone 3 so stfu and go troll somewhere else.

Shackdaddy8362872d ago

Author is trolling

Other than the lag everything was great.

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floetry1012872d ago

There are so many reactionary articles like this. It was probably posted after he had a few terrible games. The demo isn't bad at all, it ain't groundbreaking material but it's far from completely broken. Oh well, I'll be curious to see the final product, the blueprint is there, Crytek just need to deliver.

Anyway, I've pretty much exhausted the demo at this point, played the hell out of the Black Ops map pack last night, bring on the Killzone 3 beta! :)

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