EA: Old Republic MMO to Show Profit with 500,000 Subscribers

While EA says it is incurring "significant development costs" for its Star Wars-themed MMO The Old Republic, the company says those costs could turn in to significant profits with relatively moderate subscriber numbers.

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Darkfiber2874d ago

That number is very feasible, but they failed to say how LONG it would take to start generating that profit. Last week they said they expect the game to have a 10 year lifespan... I'm sure they are banking on having like 5-10 million subscribers, which I doubt will happen. That number might also be factoring in DLC that they will surely put's Bioware. I'm sure they will be charging $7 for every new hour long DLC "flashpoint" they put out in addition to monthly subscription fees.

imvix2873d ago

No ones going to be paying for DLC once they pay for the 15usd a month.

WoW has the MMO market and if WoW isnt charging for the additional content they do provide then sorry no one can. People simply wont pay up. Asides the expansion packs WoW does have every odd year. WoW gives the user lots of updates (kinda like DLC) except its all free of cost.

distorted_reality2873d ago

I just hope EA handles this the right way.

Persistantthug2873d ago

I stopped playing WoW years ago, but I'm pretty sure people were buying in game items from Blizzard.

Vaud-Villian2873d ago

I think he means expansions as DLC which are sold for $$$ for every single MMO out there, including WoW

beardpapa2873d ago

well people do buy stuff like mounts + in-game pets but those are aesthetic and optional. It's not like they're mandatory or in any way buff you in the game.

DLC and expansion are sorta different though. DLC (downloadable content) that we all know of tend to be items here and there or a couple quests for an extra 1-2 hr of content. Expansions on the other hand have always been much much more.

I think for MMOs, they should stick with the In-game purchases and Expansion contents that people are familiar of instead of using the DLC moniker.

r1sh122873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Personally I see this going the same way star wars galaxies did.
At first the huge fanbase will show but will slowly dwindle down.
I dont understand why the just didnt make knights of the old republic 3?!?!
The first 2 were pretty epic (2nd one not as much but still). Lucasarts have had 2 very good gaming franchises - Knights of the old republic and the Jedi knight setries which IMO were very good.
Im not the biggest star wars fan but that sort of game had me drawn in, it had great story plots, twists and turns.

They also say the game is expected to last 10 years, Im pretty sure they will try have massive add ons like they did with galaxies.
Its a shame they refuse on making the two better franchises of the lucasarts collection.

Darkfiber2873d ago

Are you kidding me? WoW charges for tons of stuff outside of the game, and these are both completely different games with completely different developers and completely different publishers, who gives a shit what WoW does?

And no, WoW doesn't have anywhere close to "the MMO market". Subscription based, maybe, but free to play MMO players outnumber WoW players by about 300 to 1 worldwide. Bioware doesn't know what they are doing with their MMO (which is obvious since they are targetting single-player RPG fans and hoping they will pay monthly fees for years) and based on their current track record for nickel and diming for DLC like "alternate costume packs" and "alternate character portraits" and crap like that, they will DEFINITELY be charging for stupid little DLC.

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Pandamobile2873d ago

Well the good thing about digital revenue, i.e, recurring subscription costs, is that all that money is revenue. 100% of it.

So with a $300M budget, all they need is ~500,000 subscribers for about 3 years to break even and start making profit.

If SWTOR turns out to be a really awesome MMO and has say 2 million subscribers, they can break even and start turning a profit in about 10 months.

Don't forget that they'll make money off each copy sold online/retail as well.

MMOs are _extremely_ profitable.

George Sears2873d ago

Indeed they are profitable but very risky. Not to mention there incredible development costs.

Pandamobile2873d ago

The $300 budget EA used on SWTOR is just ridiculous. If you can make a half-decent MMO on a modest budget (10-40 million) and get a hundred thousand subscribers to pay $10-15 a month for a year or two you're golden.

Persistantthug2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Even top tier ones like GUILD WARS are free.

Star Wars has the licence to pull it off though.

I also have the suspicion that EA will eventually announce TOR for consoles....probably PS3.

EDIT: @tmoss726.....Bioware also said Mass Effect 2 wasn't coming to the PS3 too.
EA owns Bioware now, and its clear they are being run by a new sheriff.

tmoss7262873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

@persistantthug Bioware has already stated it's PC only for now. Plus I'm sure they want to make sure the millions of dollars they spent gets put to well use on PC first.

Edit: True but the fact that there hasn't really been a successful MMO on a console (except DCUO, though I don't know numbers). But I guess TOR could come to consoles, but it wouldn't be for a while or at least not from Bioware.

despair2873d ago

"Well the good thing about digital revenue, i.e, recurring subscription costs, is that all that money is revenue. 100% of it."

I don't think you guys understand what it cost to maintain servers to handle millions of subscribers, not to mention upkeeping, salaries, new developments, additional content, problems that arise.

You think that every cent of the say $15 monthly fee is pure revenue? Cost are there, the point of subscription fees are to handle the cost of all those things I mentioned and more I'm sure. They will take some time before thinking about profit, covering cost is not cheap and there is good reason many MMOs fail within 6 month - 1 year.

Pandamobile2873d ago

I know, but that's kinda beside the point. I'm lumping operating costs and everything in.

beardpapa2873d ago

he said revenue. not profit.

Darkfiber2873d ago

You are not taking into account the server costs and salary/development costs associated with new content and bug fixes. Also, they stated in this article that the 300 million dollar budget was not real and was made up by game bloggers and not to listen to them because they haven't spent nearly that much on the game.

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Wizziokid2873d ago

If you've played MMO's you should no they never charge (well none I have played have) for the small content updates, look at LOTRO for example they brought out new areas and quests every other month for free.

the only time you should have to pay for 'DLC' for an MMO is when they release a major expansion, which is fair if it packs enough content.

anyway I will be getting this game day one, can't wait :)

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Hozi892873d ago

Yes PC MMO's are designed with keyboard and mouse in mind, but the PS3 can use a mouse and keyboard as well. I don't see any excuse to spend that kind of money and not make it available for console(ps3) as well.

Pandamobile2873d ago

They can't use Keyboard/Mouse as a requirement for a console game.

despair2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Won't sell, people who want to play a MMO with mouse and keyboard will just do so on the PC. Console players want to play with a controller and without at least that option the game won't be as appealing, even if its a great one.

edit: meant to reply to Hozi89.

CaulkSlap2873d ago

After watching the latest videos of it.... good luck. I'll do a trial but sadly it kinda looks very meh.

Masterchef20072873d ago

I only hope for EAs sake that its better than galaxies.

Wizziokid2873d ago

galixies was an amazing mmo until sony killed it with the NGE.

Masterchef20072873d ago

NGE? Is that the expansion?

Wizziokid2873d ago

No the NGE was the 'New Game Engine' which change almost everything about the game and ruined it, that was the breaking point for the mmo

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