Why I'm Psyched For Assassin's Creed 3 "Three weeks ago, I sat down in front of my TV with three new games that I had acquired during the holiday season: Assassin's Creed (AC1), Assassin's Creed 2 (AC2), and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (AC:B). Well, it's three weeks later, all three games have been beaten to near 100% completion, and I find myself drooling over the thought of the third installment in the series!"

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ShawnCollier2870d ago

I really need to get into this series one of these days.

renegade2870d ago

good, you're missing such a great game...

Sanrin2870d ago

I liked the first one a lot, still haven't gotten around to the second...

Pixelated_Army2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

A.C. Brotherhood gameplay is boring and overly repetitive and considering all the hype surrounding this franchise I thought it would have been better.

Dsnyder2870d ago

Be prepared for gratuitous cliffhangers.

Blaze9292870d ago

im tired of those cheap, cliff hanger endings imo. I mean really, 3 times in a row? Pls gtfo

Dsnyder2870d ago

Yeah one of the most devious ways to milk a game these days.

InfiniteJustice2869d ago

Brotherhood's ending felt like a disappointment. Ezio was just brushed aside while the story zips to modern times and gives us another cliff hanger. Wouldn't mind so much if Desmond wasn't so damn generic

xAlmostPro2869d ago

i hope the 3rd is in present time with desmond :D would/could be awesome

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JDouglasGU2870d ago

while i also can't wait for it, i hope they take a year off this time round. oh, and let's see it set in victorian london, that would be awesome.

mephman2870d ago

I still think it'd be interesting to see how they would handle going back to Japan.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2870d ago

I have to agree. Victorian London would be nice. Or Colonial America. I don't know if that will happen though. The way they're going on about 12-21-12, AC3 might be the last one, which suggests one of two possibilities: multiple times and places... Desmond bouncing all over history looking for the temples; or no Animus at all. The bleeding effect has pretty much tought Desmond all he needs, so AC3 could be all Desmond in a race against Abstergo. Of course I could be wrong. The Assassins might be able to fit one more ancestor in the 72 days before the satellite launches. In which case, AC3 could be set just about anywhere someone is trying to assert control over the masses.

Just remember the 12-21-12... Assassin's Creed will end. It will end in a way that ties off the loose ends and hopefully satisfies the fans.

@mephman - I can't see the series going to Japan. Ubisoft created Assassin's Creed because ninjas were too overdone.

Quagmire2870d ago

72 days? Satellite launches? Jeebus, and I though I knew what the hell was going on in Assassin Cress lawl. I love the series to death, and the story is so compelling, I hope it doesnt END. My guess is that AC3 might be the end of Desmond's story arc, and then it will probably continue on with another Descendant, and their Animus trips.

tweex2870d ago

God I love these games!

Tachyon_Nova2870d ago

Why I'm not even mildly interested: Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

There are only so many times I can put up with tedious follow the target missions, and when they constitute such a large percentage of Brotherhoods missions (at least early on), I bail on the game.

mephman2870d ago

I didn't really think it was much of an issue. It's only a pain when you get right to the end and fail and have to do it all again. They walk so damned slow!

Tachyon_Nova2870d ago

That tended to happen to me a lot because I got so bored I start pickpocketing people and assassinating guards which unfortunately got me noticed. The amount of following missions shows how much they rushed this game, and after how much I loved AC2, Brotherhood let me down hardcore

BK-2012869d ago

I totally agree, ACB was really boring in my opinion. It was waaaay to easy for starters. That killstreak gameplay just didn't work out for me. The combat got so boring with that.

Solidus187-SCMilk2870d ago

Ive finished the first two and am near the end on AC:B. The only thing I wish was that they would make the games harder or have a hard mode. I think they are really easy and it would be cool if you actually had a reason to sneak.

DaReapa2870d ago

Agreed. The non-optional easy difficulty setting is the only thing keeping my anticipation down for AC3. Otherwise, great series.

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