New 5 Second Clip From Final Fantasy Versus XIII

A new clip from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, taken from the Tokyo Game Show trailer.

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achira3900d ago

wow, very cool. but short...

UnblessedSoul3900d ago

Yeah would of really liked more :(

nanometric3900d ago

One thing I do like in FFXIII Versus is it's dark look, you know... all the previous FF series were a little too color full and childish, thats why I liked SMT series more, but now this is like some kick a** rpg! ^_^

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3899d ago

yeah I like this darker look, gives you a chill. Man I gotta get this game.

mighty_douche3900d ago

explain to me the difference between FFXlll and VERSUS please. is one online only or something?

nanometric3900d ago

No clue, bet they both look SWEET! And either way I'm buyin' both!

gunnerforlife3900d ago

i think versus is more action orientated more like dmc i think and a lot less rpg in it, like u dont have to wait a min to atack ur enemy just do it straight away

Dmack793900d ago

Be still my heart!

I'm not quite sure what the diff. is, except that they take place in 2 diff. worlds.

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The story is too old to be commented.