Treyarch Releases Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Stats

GameDynamo - "Today, Treyarch and Activision passed along multiplayer statistical information to us in the form of an "infographic" for Call of Duty: Black Ops..."

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-Alpha2871d ago

I love stats. Halo stats are still the best

Dart892871d ago

And now we wait to see the article that states how many retards threw their money at activision for their shit pack.

Triggs2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Marathon and Lightweight as two of the three top perks? Oh my Lord. I hate those players running around too fast without losing their breath (my idea of COD is just about shooting). In my opinion, those two perks should have been two options together in one tier.

I'm not surprised RC-XD is often used - it's just as easy to get as the spyplane.

Anyway, those are real large figures in that picture.

PatchowPietro2870d ago

I wanna know how many banned and reset accounts there have been personally. Im sure it will make me lol.

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