SOCOM 4 And The Modern Shooter's Flirtation With Call Of Duty

The new SOCOM is like a lot of other sequels these days. It's changed just enough to worry fans of the older games, changed just enough to take a crack at a more popular competitor. SOCOM, meet Call of Duty.

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gypsygib2875d ago

I hope you can play with regenerating health, cover, and NO respawn.

Raoh2875d ago

i dont know if its socom 4 or resistance 3 but one of them was confirmed to have no regenerating health...

which is good. One of the things i loved about the old socom games was death was permanent throughout the match. no respawn is the way to go.

andrew1719942875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

well they have a game mode like that, theres basicly two online game modes: pussys(heath regeration and cover system)and gamers(no cover, no regen and no respawn). zipper has struggled the last couple games not giving the real experience that the true gamers want they are trying to make this game run and gun:( now who wants to play a game were no one is goin to use tactics but its a SOCOM game LOL.

Commodore2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Call of Duty can suck my balls. It's making every shooter this generation turn into a shit show. SOCOM 2 stood out and still does because it had the best weapons (no customization), balanced map layouts, no progression system and you had to earn your rank (which meant something back then)....Oh and it also knew what a Clan meant (it actually gave you a page dedicated to your clan)...not this pussy 3-4 letter "tag"

If this is similar to COD....PISS OFF ZIPPER

OGharryjoysticks2875d ago

While reading this I kept feeling that the writer didn't really want to be there.