EA Teases "Very Exciting" New FPS

EA will release a "very exciting" as-yet unannounced FPS before the end of 2011, according to CEO John Riccitiello.

The EA boss made the announcement while answering a question from an investor regarding the future of the Medal of Honor franchise during an earnings call today.

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captain-obvious2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

i bet its that respawn entertainment game and or BF3

RonXD2813d ago

Why would it be BF3 when it's already been announced...?

Sevir042813d ago

Ding Ding Ding and the prize goes to captain obvious!!!

Respawn Entertainment's been working long time now! it's time to see what these guys come up with! I hope it's something better than MW. :-)

yaz2882813d ago

I was going to bitch about how many fps are out there but that is getting old

bring it EA

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EYEamNUMBER12813d ago

you would have to do something seriously amazing to get me excited about a FPS game now a days and i honestly doubt its gonna be something seriously amazing

femshep2813d ago

what about a Fps mixed with a puzzle game
puzzles you solve by actually doing thing not just shooting?

fps/rpg and rps/platforming didnt float too well
to me at least

AKA2813d ago

that what KILLZONE 3 is...
kind of, the part of the jetpacks and more...

femshep2813d ago

fair enough but killzone 1 or 2 could never keep my interest =/

chak_2812d ago


Like portal you mean?

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MonkeyBoy922813d ago

Is it just me or does EA just have to many FPS on the market at the minute, how about giving us Mirrors Edge 2 or something different?

hellzsupernova2813d ago

Battle Field bad company 1 and 2
Medal of honor
Battlefield 3
I mean cmon if all those games can't take down CoD in terms of sales what makes them think adding another one will?

NYC_Gamer2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

EA would rather sell a quick few million copies instead of bringing something different

Shackdaddy8362813d ago

At least they have variety though instead of releasing the same game every year.

RonXD2813d ago

I'll take quality over trying to beat CoD in sales anyday.

S_C2812d ago

@hellzsupernova ~
3 of those games havent even been released yet so why you talking about their sale figures ?

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DeforMAKulizer2813d ago

Guys, anyone else bet with me that its the insomniac game?

Tachyon_Nova2812d ago

Yeah Im thinking that's likely it. Especially as Resistance 3 is out in early September, this will likely be late October giving BF3 a mid November release.

DeadlyFire2813d ago

Bad Company 3?

Respawn might can offer a CGI or mock video of what their new game will be about.

BF3 already announced, but possible. Being shown in March anyway at GDC.

I don't think EA will keep making one of the following with so many FPS games coming from them one of the two might not make the cut.

Other FPS game. There are at least 3 potential products under this possibility.

TruthSeeker2812d ago

No, It's probally Respawn Entertainment's new game. Not BF3 because it's already annnounced.

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charles20292813d ago

Oh those earnings calls, always letting teases slip out.

multipayer2813d ago

If it aint battlefield 3, I'm highly skeptical and half asleep.

VenomProject2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I'm with you.

If it ain't BF3, I'm honestly not too excited.


Yeah, they have now that you mention it. *shrug* Now I'm really not excited.

arjman2813d ago

It's not BF3, haven't they already sort of announced that?

multipayer2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

It's not that EA hasn't announced it already, it is just someone other than DICE within EA making an FPS*falls asleep on face*

As long as it is not a military shooter, I suppose I'll keep the other half of my body awake... Has to be better than Call of Duty regardless.

Shackdaddy8362813d ago

Respawn's new game maybe? Is it too early still?

hellzsupernova2813d ago

its probably a bit early unless its a MW clone

Checkmate2813d ago

i hope it is and that it comes out the same time as MW3 >:D

sickbird2813d ago

Sounds very plausible. It would be huge no matter what the hell it is. EA could announce to rival this years COD.

xstation792813d ago

I can't wait to see what Respawn has been working on all this time. I hope it changes the fps in a way like call of duty 4 did.

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Fresh_N_New2813d ago

meh give it a rest already. More variety ftw.

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