TGS: Mario & Sonic will sell 4m, says Sega

Forecast equivalent to almost 20 per cent of publisher's total games sales for last financial year. Sega Sammy's corporate director has told Tokyo Games Show that the firm expects Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games to sell four million units when it goes on sale later this year.

If the title were to reach the sales figure, it would equal the performance of the first ever Sonic The Hedgehog console title. Sonic's 1991 debut sold four million units, according to the company's website.

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sajj3163808d ago

Just because 'Mario' is on the title name doesn't mean a multi-million seller. This is why you are where you are Sega Sammy.

mikeslemonade3808d ago

Not everyone is interested in olympics.

zerolinkgannon3808d ago

So basically he thinks this will be the gears of war for the wii -sales wise-? 4 way in hell. I love the wii but the 4 million title goes to galaxy and brawl.

Shadow Flare3808d ago

I still don't get how anyone could beat sonic in the 100m sprint

nirwanda3808d ago

If this was real the fat plumber would be baned for drugs and sonic would be banned for being a hedgehog

commadore653808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

sonics acceleration is rubbish on the first game. thats why they added the rev up thing on sonic 2.

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