How To Control SOCOM With The PS3's Gun

Video demonstration of Socom 4 using the PS Move with forthcoming PlayStation 3 Sharpshooter peripheral, a shell that houses a PlayStation Move.

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Octo12789d ago

Gun looks cool and it looks like there was effort put behind making it. Still at the end of the day do you want to spend that much dough on plastic?

nygamer282789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

correct sir,plus it will make you play like a noob

zootang2789d ago

Reload looks the bollocks!

Pixelated_Army2789d ago

For a more immersive experience yes I would.

jneul2788d ago

lol with practice move >> ds3 so enough of the bs

nycredude2789d ago

It's freaking $40, cheaper than a 360 and ps3 controller.

It is fully digital, not just some cheap ass shell. you may not think it's worth it but to many others it is more than worth it.

Besides in a genre as played out as FPS, is it that bad to try a different way of playing to freshen it up a little?

I'm getting it, cause it was developed with input from GG and Zipper, which imo are experts at both types of shooters.

Dlacy13g2789d ago

I am all for motion controls but HATE all these gimicky plastic peripherals that sack you for more money

suicidalblues2789d ago

I fail to see the "gimmick" in this. It looks like they've spent a huge amount of time perfecting the light gun peripheral to me.

Fire select mode and 2 ways to reload, plus advanced turning abilities really show that they aren't just trying to make a quick buck.

Joni-Ice2789d ago

@ Dlacy13g I know what you mean but I dont think that gun is gimicky. Oh I seen some gimicky peripherals. Try it out, if you dont like it take it back.

gypsygib2789d ago

Why doesn't he just play it without the peripheral

Redempteur2789d ago

most will probably play without it ...

TABSF2789d ago

Can't wait for this one, my most anticipated PS3 game with year.

fooltheman2789d ago

It's more than plastic guys...
...look and read about it...

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The story is too old to be commented.