Rayman 3D - New Details for the Nintendo 3DS

Gamertag Radio writes: "Amazon posted some details of Rayman 3D for the 3DS based on the Sega Dreamcast version of Rayman 2."

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lepolohuevo2871d ago

That's one ugly Rayman...
But hell, now I have another excuse to collect 1000 lums again >.<

CaptainPunch2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I'd rather see a PSP2 port with trophies.

Btw The Nintendo fanboys on N4G are ridiculous.

geodood2871d ago

It would mean prettier graphics, I suppose

klado2871d ago

Better camera? lol, anyway, another rehash of a franchise only to add 3D in the tittle...

Until now, only Ocarina of time can make the 3DS have a neat launch day, otherwise all these console tittle going 3DS only to add the freaking 3D tech seem meh to me.

lepolohuevo2871d ago

Same could be said with Sony and Microsoft fanboys...

DenyTheFacts2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

LOL you're saying that Nintendo fanboys are ridiculous? You are the first one that ever mentioned the PSP2 in this subject.. I think that makes you a Sony fanboy.

RockmanII72871d ago

whats up with all the remakes and ports for the 3DS? Come on make a new game.

dgroundwater2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

It's a quicker and simpler way to have good games at launch. Not supporting it though, there are too many I agree.

But hey I haven't played Rayman 2 so I'm happy.

Stealth20k2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

you mean like mario,mario kart, paper mario, pokemon, animal crossing, kid icarus, megaman legends 3, resident evil,ghost wars (xcomish srpg from splinter cell people) super robot wars 3ds,doa, blazeblue 2,imageepoch srpg,kingdom hearts, final fanatsy, dragon quest,time traveler, professor layton, inazuma eleven 4, 2 possible new shin megamis, new rumored metroidvania ect

Sorry thats all the new content...........

The ds didnt have that much new stuff shown before launch

@ below and all the games announced for the ngp so far are rehashes as you so rudely put it. They are new games and not ports. The 3ds has about 10 times the new content announced before launch than the ds had in its entire first year. And look how great the ds turned out. It clobbers everything

@ even further below.........having fun trolling? None of the games I described are kiddy as you put it.

klado2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Mario kart = Rehash (Can't argue, only to add 3D)
Mario = Rehash (Can't argue, only to add 3D)
Pokemon = Rehash (Can't argue, 3D on pokemon?)
Animal crossing = Rehash (Only to add 3D)
Legend of zelda OoT = Rehash (Only to add 3D)
Kid icarus = Revival
Megaman legend 3 = NEW
Resident evil Mercenaries = Port(Or would sincerely play better on consoles)
Super robot wars 3DS = What?
Doa = Console port(Would play better on conoles).
Blazeblue 2 = Better on console just like PSP
Imagepoch = ...

Not to argue with your list of game but you know, nothing you wrote there have nothing to do with the word NEW plus can't seem to find why people used to bash the PsP at its finest looking the 3DS is having nothing but a bunch of port and yes the DS did had a lot of Dual screened tittle, that seemed to function.

Anyway come Ocarina of Time ASAP, do want.

geodood2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Did you mean to prove his point? I can't tell

Edit: Well at least the PSP2 has hardcore games announced for it, have fun with the rehashes and kiddy's games :)

RockmanII72871d ago

No I mean games like Rayman 2, Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64, Super Street Fighter 4, Blazeblue CS 2 (which you listed, Blazblue CS 2 is a port of the original Blazblue CS with added characters created for arcades and being ported to 3DS and PSP), SC: Chaos Theory, One Piece: UC, MGS3 Snake Eater, Sims 3, Tales of the Abyss, and any others I missed.

multipayer2871d ago

They should of done Rayman Origins instead. Aw well, maybe NGP will get that.

eagle212871d ago

Layton vs. Ace Attorney is new....Kid Icarus is new...Mega Man Legends is new...Miyamoto announced he can't wait to show off Super Mario Bros. 3DS....NEW! again...n4g haters lose always anyway why try to talk to them? :)

geodood2871d ago

How are those rehashes new?
-Megaman has been seen before in ~50 different games
-Mario has been seen before in ~250 games, around 70 of which were full-fledged mario games
-There have been 7 professor Layton games
Are you trolling or seriously saying there are new games? Please show me a list of hardcore 3DS games that aren't rehashes

lepolohuevo2871d ago

Then I can list pretty much every single popular franchise if you argue that way :/...

AWBrawler2871d ago

and you show me any NGP game that isn't an existing title. but Let's see what we got here:
SteelDiver is new
Cubic Ninja is new
there is that rumored 3DS game from Nintendo (The one they hinted at back when Pandora's Tower for Wii was still unknown)
The New Kid Icarus may as well be considered new
Time Travelers is new

klado2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Yeah eagle because you are any different from abids fan defending their terrain?...that tri-force winged symbol betray your unbiased principles.

Yeah, better next time mate, although these entries are NEW to their franchise's word, they are by not mean any new IPs, but NEW games, that is what you and all the bunch of nintendo fanatics SEEM to overlook, obvious fan characteristic I tell you.

New IP = Fresh
New Game =/ New IPs

So we can pretty much call them, rehash, remake, ports, etc, not a bad thing, just to LYK though.

eagle212871d ago

please don't respond to biased n4g trolls who's biggest selling game on their favorite brand of 2010 was COD 1, :)

lizard812882871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

lol, yeah. the same could be said about the psp2, more like the ps3 portable. just because Mario is in a game, doesn't make it a rehash. is uncharted 2 and 3 and rehash? no, its the IP on a new adventure. plus Mario & Friends have been around for about 25 years! not many IPs can say that.

although, i would hope they would have added new content. OoT seems disappointing, since nothing has been added (other the updated graphics), no new items or dungeons.

atleast with BB, we don't have to buy DLC characters since they are in the game.

StanSmith2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

The Sony Fanboy's idiotic hypocritical agendas strike again!
The NGPs line up:
    •    Killzone
    •    Uncharted
    •    WipEout
    •    LittleBigPlanet
    •    Call of Duty
    •    Resistance
    •    Little Deviants
    •    Hot Shots Golf
    •    Reality Fighters
    •    Gravity Daze
    •    Smart As
    •    Broken
    •    Hustle Kings

8 out of 13 of those games are from existing IPs or rehashes as you like to call them! Lmao! Seriously you guys need to think first before typing on here. Lets not forget the amount of console ports and "rehashes" the original psp had!