InFamous 2: A look inside DC’s tie-in comics for game

LA Times - "InFamous 2 is a PlayStation 3 game coming out this spring from developer Sucker Punch Productions and Sony Computer Entertainment, and like the first edition in 2009, it was heavily influenced by the world of comic books. So the makers of the game have partnered with DC Comics to create a tie-in comic book."

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dredgewalker2876d ago

Cool! He can now hang with Batman!

Paradise2876d ago

Not really. DC comics is publishing this but it's not a part of the DC universe.

dredgewalker2876d ago

Dang! Oh well I can still dream can't I? It's been a while since I've bought any comics cause I'm addicted to manga right now.

phinch2876d ago

shocking! ha ha had to do it , but this is pretty cool news especially if they do another game involving the dc universe