PS3 Deals: Lost Planet 2 for $7.95

Today's deal is an somewhat amazing game, that did not get the attention it needed, but will definitely now get picked up for a only a low price of $7.95. Now is to time to pick up this game if you and a friend are looking for huge co-op bosses for less than 10 bucks! You can not go wrong with this deal. This deals are on a daily basis so pick it up before its too late. Check after the break for the link.

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Darkfiber2000d ago

Damn that's cheap. This game is actually a lot of fun if you come at it with the mentality that it's not a pure third person shooter.

rezzah1999d ago

The game really stands out in its Co-op mode. Online is okay but the best.

Its like a futuristic Monster Hunter game. They even have a skin of a Rathalos and even 2 Helghast suits (regular soldier and Sniper).

TheBossMan1999d ago

Still too much for this POS.

Myst1999d ago

It's fun so long as you have friends to play it with.

awiseman1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

LP2 is broken though. ON ALL PLATFORMS

dirthurts1999d ago

It's ok with friends, but absolutely broken playing solo.
I couldn't finish the game because the AI team mates kept failing the mission. Jerks...