Killzone 3 Event in Australia Kicks Off

PI writes, "The "ISA Recruitment Drive" is kicking off in Sydny which will task fans of Killzone anticipating KZ3 with earning their spot at a special event where they will be able to be the first gamers in Aussieland to demo Killzone 3 before it's official release. There will be single player and multi-player challenges at the event as well as swag and prizes including a Killzone 3 Helghast Edition complete with Helghast helmet and Cloak Sniper action figure...."

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Dart892845d ago

Lucky mofos have fun.

Hitman07692845d ago

Heck yeah this is a cool idea for an event and it's good to see Aussies getting something other than just extremely high prices in gaming.

9thGenHero2845d ago

I can't wait to get into the beta on Friday, been watching footage all morning lol

Dart892845d ago

Beta cums out for us Feb. 2 and Europe gets it feb 3rd.

SpitFireAce852845d ago

Its a open beta to everyone Nexus-Knight..

jaredhart2845d ago

I know a few Aussies who would love to go to this

slate912845d ago

will the beta be available at mightnight on the 2nd? or will I have to wait till a certain time in the day??

Kyosuke_Sanada2845d ago

I really wished something like this was happening stateside and I couldn't help expecting the guy in the video to start asking for Sarah Connor.

Bathyj2845d ago

I ask for Sarah Connor everytime I get a new haircut.

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