Pokemon Black & White Preview - [Game Revolution]

"If you’re already a fan, then you can be all but assured that the core gameplay will satisfy you. If you’re a naysayer, well, all the stuff you naysaid (yes, it’s a word, look it up) before still holds true. And seriously, go find a new dead horse to beat, willya? It’s been 15 years already!"

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dbjj120882872d ago

I can't believe I'm excited about a Pokemon game again.

Sev2872d ago

Is it weird I've never once played a Pokemon game?

Only experience I've ever had with them was in Super Smash Bros.

TryingToHabeeb2872d ago

Finally another Pokemon game worth playing. I pretty much gave up after Gold/Silver.

I'd still like to see a full blown Wii version (not just Battle Revolution).

stormeagle62872d ago

Yup Gold and Silver were definitely the best, but I gotta say this one could sure give em a run for their money!

insertcoin2872d ago

I would be interested to see the demographics of who will buy which version they will buy. Black? White? Hmmm...

Koolaye2870d ago

I'm thinking this will be the game that will have me glued to my DS for hours.