Namco site teases Vesperia PS3 localization

Scrawl: "The final day in Namco Bandai’s ‘A Tale of Two Richards’ teaser website has gone live. And what does it tease today? Why, none other than Tales of Vesperia!"

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JewelTheif2699d ago

OMG! Is this really happening!?

TBM2699d ago

They better make this happen damnit. I played the 360 version and felt cheated that all its contents were not on disk.

Now I have chance to play game in full and I want it NOW Namco.

Dragun6192699d ago

Namcobandai looks like they're scaling down their western approach games and adding more Japanese influenced games into the mix again. Most notably teasing the localization of Tales of Gaces F & Vesperia and bringing Dark Soul's to the west.

Jeff from psblog stated that they're heading to event held by NamcoBandai this week. So hopefully, NamcoBandai announces localization for Tales of Graces F/ Vesperia and maybe officially announced few other titles they've been teasing like Soul Caliber 5.

TBM2699d ago

Well dragun I hope this turns into what we want. Fingers crossed.

Infernostew2699d ago

I know! Am I dreaming or is this just a dirty trick by Namco?!?! I don't know what to believe anymore. I guess we'll see tomorrow.

hay2699d ago

After 2 and a half years Scamco can kiss my a*s.

TheDivine2699d ago

Well they did bring it west 2 years ago you can buy it for under 20 bucks on 360. I can never wait 3 years for the best games in a series

Man In Black2699d ago

If they put it at full price, they can kiss my ass.

DEagle-izer2699d ago

@ Man In Black

They owe all of us in the west a $40 price tag for ignoring us all this freakin time. 2 yrs nd a half?


RedPawn2699d ago

I feel like (LINK) just found the the master key!!!!

Da Da Da Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!


firelogic2699d ago

The PS3 releases just keep coming. It's absolutely insane! Every month is going to have multiple top tier titles coming out.

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[email protected]2699d ago

This better be truth or the rage is coming. xD

Godmars2902699d ago

What? Just because Bamco has been dicking us around all this time?

*Tests baseball bat*

Say, where are the Bandai/Namco offices in the States...

[email protected]2699d ago

4555 Great America Parkway, Suite 201
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Wanna join me to prepare the molotov? xD hehehehe

kanetheking2699d ago

have you been planing this?

[email protected]2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

shhhhh... *no comment xD *COUGH*(of couse!)

Misterhbk2699d ago

If it's true, I'll be getting this day 1

hetz152699d ago

me too. finally, it is happening.

Chris3992699d ago

A little. If it's true.

SaiyanFury2699d ago

I've known it's been coming. Namdai have been a complete bunch of a**holes for not saying anything about it, but I knew it would come. I'm glad my faith carried me through. Not in Namdai, in hoping that the game would come.

scruffy_bear2699d ago

Need this to come to EU :)

fucadastates2699d ago

just import from the state if it comes. the ps3 is not region locket. somthing i loved whin i got an english version of demons souls in feb. 2009... 7-8 months before us date..

scruffy_bear2699d ago

Import tax is a mix bag here Demon Soul was only £20 but I've heard from friends that it can be a much as £100 so I'll like to know if were getting a EU version before I import it as I hate the tax

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