PSU: Dead Space 2 Review

PSU Writes:

Survival Horror has never been so thrilling

We like
* The high quality graphics and audio work
* How the dismemberment mechanic demands accuracy and speed
* The intense atmosphere, created by a mix of great production values and brilliantly animated Necromorphs

We dislike
* Such are the thrills along the way, it does inevitably run of steam in the latter stages
* The lack of a co-op mode; the multiplayer could have been fleshed out a little more

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Pixelated_Army2846d ago

hope it lives up to the hype, just placed my ordered it today.

RAVEN812846d ago

this game is amazing and a must play

sam22362846d ago

You know what I love about this game? There are no multiplayer trophies. That, my friends, is fucking brilliant.