Top 10 Video Game Parodies

Considering how old and established certain video game franchises and conventions are, it makes sense that they are easy targets for parodies. Whether it be in the form of other games, images or youtube clips, the video game parody is an art form in itself that has seen some true genius over the years. It is quite hard to exactly pin down what defines a parody, but here are the top ten gaming allusions that sprang to mind. Note that the internet is a vast and dangerous place, so if I’ve missed out any of your favourite parodies feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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junk3d2870d ago

Gotta love Robot Chicken and their game parodies! Still chuckle at the Final Fantasy VII one.

gameseveryday2870d ago

That whole episode of the IT crowd is genius. Some really good Godfather references as well. Classic

halocursed2870d ago

lol, i still remember that MGS parody... awesome

xstation792870d ago

The Assassin Creed one where he touches everyone when he walks by them made me laugh pretty hard.

lizard812882870d ago

lol, Remi does some pretty funny stuff. he even gave a cop a ticket, lol.

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