Who Should Start The Next Console Generation? writes "The Xbox 360 started this current generation over five years ago. In a world of rapidly advancing tech, that’s a long time. When graphics on a handheld are starting to look as good as consoles, it’s time to prepare for the future. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing this gen go for a few more years, but when the time does come to ship new consoles, who should take the lead?"

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wwm0nkey2847d ago

Nintendo will most likely be going into the next gen first. Then MS and Sony will follow.

Shadow Flare2847d ago

Agreed. Nintendo look the most likely to start next gen first. PS3 is still pumping out the goods, staying fresh and it's still at ps2's launch price. 360 has just got kinect to extend it's life. Wii is in decline, with nothing outstanding on the horizon...a new console is due

smoothdude2847d ago

Hopefully we will hear something at this years E3 conference. However, my opinion is that next gen is on the horizon just yet.

As for Nintendo having nothing, they are coming out with 3DS, which should help them until Wii 2 comes out.

wwm0nkey2847d ago

Pretty much, PS3 and 360 can keep things going for atleast 2 more years. Nintendo's new console should and probably will be revealed this or early next year. It will cause Nintendo to be behind in graphics when the new MS and Sony console releases but for the year or 2 its out it will be able to cheaply and effectively be able to outperform 360 and PS3 easily if Nintendo does it right (which they probably will).

DeeZee2847d ago

Yup, hopefully Nintendo thinks of something good because with Kinect and Move out, better motion controls aren't enough. Unless they finally give us true virtual reality, but that's probably not going to happen.

alien6262847d ago

i rather see sony start it but not too early i like wat sony is always making they impress me witht he ps3 psp and now NGP i cant wait to see PS4 when they announce it

captain-obvious2847d ago

all 3 at the same day ?
no ??

ABizzel12847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Probably Nintendo. There's even a good chance that it may come out this year, but I doubt they'd want to compete with their own 3DS this holiday which would be the first holiday for both. So like I've been saying since 2008, Nintendo will launch their new console in 2012 possibly in the Spring, but most likely holiday 2012. I think the new Nintendo console will be on par with or slighty more powerful than the 360 and PS3 (remember this would be 6 years later), it'll have some new gimmick which will be Kinect times 100, and will retail for $299.

I also think MS will launch their new console holiday 2012. 2011 is obviously all about Kinect with the core gamer receiving Gears, Forza, and multiplats to tie them over (some Kinect titles look like possible core games), and 2012 will be no different. I'm sure MS is working on prototypes now, and they'll launch the new console holiday 2012, and keep the 360 on the market as Kinect continues to bring in casual gamers. The problem with this strategy is that their market will be split, and so will their development teams which they don't have many of. So my guess is to entice the early adopters the new Xbox will launch with Halo 4, and cost $399.

Sony on the other hand will milk as much out of the PS3 as possible. Even though I know they want to come out day and date with Nintendo and MS, I think they're going to have to wait thanks to that huge lost with the PS3 early on. The only way Sony will come out with a new system in 2012, is if they stick with the tech for that time, but after seeing what they've done with the NGP I seriously doubt that's going to happen. I honestly think we won't see a PS4 until 2014. And when it comes out it's going to be beastly. Sony knows it's going to have to catch up to MS and Nintendo who would have sold (around 20 and 40 million consoles by then thanks to no PS4), so when they do launch the PS4 expect to have one of the best launch game line up in history. I think the PS4 will retail for $399 since that's when the PS3 started picking up in sales, and with the tech they're going to put into it, you can believe it'll be worth it.

My crystal ball knows all.

AAACE52847d ago

Based on past history, new consoles usually come out when the older ones drop to $150. Wii is close to that point so I expect an announcement at E3. But the Wii is still selling pretty well. So would Nintendo push something out now or wait for sales to slow down?

I would like to say MS will try to beat Sony to the punch again by releasing first. MS is tricky though. They are right at that $200 mark where they can drop to $150 and launch a new console afterwords, but the higher priced models throw the traditional mindframe off.

You also gotta wonder if MS will release an entirely new console or just a remodeled console. Like an Xbox 360 with no disc drive, but has a bigger HDD, more RAM and more powerful chips. And yes, it would be download only! But that is risky.

Sony has everyone believing that they won't come out with a new console for ten years. But they have said that ten year thing with every console and have released a new one right in the middle of that span. But seeing how the Ps3 is still at $300, I think they might actually try it this time. I think that piracy thing will contribute to their next consoles release!

ShinMaster2847d ago

They made a motion control GameCube system called the Wii.
So they have to now. They've had more than enough time since last gen.

AWBrawler2846d ago

are you serious? Big N is going to ride that wave until it dies, like they do every successful console. if anything they may come last as not to get copied.

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Shok2847d ago

Nintendo will start first, then Microsoft, then Sony. the 360 and PS3 have longer life spans, and the PS3 has a longer lifespan than the 360.

Titanz2847d ago

Microsoft launched first, then both Sony and Nintendo followed.

The Wii still has a price cut or two it can use to encourage sales, so its still a factor.

Nintendo will continue to support the Wii, just like Sony does with the PS2.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2847d ago

@Titanz Microsoft Launched First Last Gen Because They Only Sold 24 Million Xbox Consoles, Now The Xbox 360 Is At Nearly Or Maybe More Than 50 Million Units Sold Which Is A Great Achievment For A Company That Has Only Made 2 Consoles, The Wii Is Outdated & Old So Nintendo Will Start The Next Gen

femshep2847d ago

best guess

Nintendo to upgrade so they can have HD gaming
and MS and Sony will announce at the same time having almost the exact same system with a few differences on each

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