10 Things you must try in... Call of Duty: Black Ops

The new CoD holds more Cold War secrets than WikiLeaks.

Here are 10 things you must try.

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SuperStrokey11232848d ago

I actually didnt know any of these. Pretty cool stuff.

farhad2k82847d ago

11. Break the disk if the games connection pisses you off.

*Does not affect the lucky 360 users.

GiantJedi2847d ago

10 things I'd rather play than Cod Blops would make a better list.

Pixelated_Army2847d ago

Can't believe I wasted good money on this shitty company...never again.

guigsy2847d ago

Do we really need these comments on every COD article? Yea we get it.

lil Titan2847d ago

how about 10 things better than Cod ops? ill start
1. taco night

Brewski0072847d ago

Three things on that list couldve been put into the one. Breaking out of the chair playing DOA and Zork all are related really.

MeNoRasta2847d ago

It must be really really cool to bash cod games these days so im gonna try it.
When i drive down the road and if i crash i expect damage... opps am i bashing the wrong game? O.O

Blaine2847d ago

You're bashing... GT4? Yeah, you fail troll.

MeNoRasta2847d ago

Trolls lives under briges but where are you living?

MRMagoo1232847d ago

that doesnt even make sense once again stop the drugs you will find your arguments to be more cohesive that way. Ide also like to add if for some reason you have enough intelligence to drive a car which im in high doubt of it will damage if your talking about gt5 the same will happen in that to ,but you wont find that out till your mum or dad gets you a ps3 to try it.

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