TGS 2007: Infinite Undiscovery Requires Extra Discs; New Screens

In a meeting with Hiroshi Ogawa, Director for Infinite Undiscovery, and Hajime Kojima, Producer for the title, IGN learned for a second time at TGS this year that a game coming to Xbox 360 would require multiple discs. This time around, it's Infinite Undiscovery.

IGN says to get used to the notion of a multiple disc games on Xbox 360. It's looking like you'll be seeing a lot of it in the future.

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power of Green 3898d ago

IGN member posted

"So this cartoon need multiple disc but Oblivion was on one disc".

Same could be said about Mass effect. Hmm. I wonder if the Japanese devs just don't wan't to deal with although JRPGs have lots of CG. Never seen any CG for this game but its not looking hot though.

WilliamRLBaker3898d ago

its the CGI man oblivion had none of that, BD,Lost odd,Infinite all use heavy CGI cutscenes which is just stupid because they take up alot of space look massively better then ingame which interupts your mind set and really...aren't needed.

With a good studio ingame cut scenes flow just as good as prerendered CGI.

Captain Tuttle3898d ago

CGI was great when the graphics weren't up to par but today they just remove you from the experience...In a good modern game the cut scenes should be hard to differentiate from gameplay (opening plane crash of Bioshock is a perfect example).

mesh13898d ago

looks better than ffviixx or what ever it is it looks better i know u feel threatend buy this rpg hah a real funny to see 360 exclusive 3 disc mean nothing if its thesame game hah a

mighty_douche3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

will be 'ok' if it only requires you to do it like every few hours, but if it ends up being like pc games of old that came on floppy discs and require you to jump between discs every 20 minutes then we have a big problem.

i know people say that they dont mind getting up to change discs, but im sure when tv's with remotes came out people said the same about changing the channel but who would wanna do that now?!?

edit @ BloodySinner, umm whats my point? kinda thought that was in my comment you angry little fanboy....

BloodySinner3898d ago

That's obviously not going to be the case (see Blue Dragon). So what's your point?

Lucreto3898d ago

I don't care about changing disks it reminds me of the PS1 days.

Anyway it is concerning that 360 is gone multi-disk this quickly. I am afraid for it a few years down the road like Ninja Gaiden 3.1 contains disk 1-3 and Ninja Gaiden 3.2 disk 3-5 etc.
I doubt it will be that extreme but you get my meaning.

Jack Bauer3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

i figured this game would be multiple discs when i watched the trailer yesterday...the people that complain about that sort of thing dont play jrpgs anyway, which right now are the only mult disc games

Douchebaggery3898d ago

my thoughts exactly, i've never any jrpg lover like myself complain about disc changing

SL1M DADDY3898d ago

But this is the new generation of gaming and changing discs is last gen and beyond. Looks like Microsofts push to get the console out the door a year early and make it cheap to the consumer is showing it's flaw early on. Makes me wonder how the graphics and what not will be like 3 years down the road compared to the PS3 in open world games... Will people be saticefied with Oblivion type graphics 3 years from now or will they want to see Bioshock/Gears of War/Heavenly Sword graphics in their open world games? I am just wondering if this lack of disc space will be the bane of developing larger and more beautiful games in the future.

ericnellie3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

No one should judge a system or a game on how many discs one of it's games uses. Out of the entire XBOX 360 library there are maybe 3 or 4 games that require multiple discs (so, we're looking at 3%). We all knew it was eventually going to happen due to the size of games but, it's a small price to pay to have a system that's a little more affordable.
If anyone complains about getting off the coach to play a game or to change a disc -- don't get a Wii or 360.../sarcasm

Note: One of the best RPGs of all time (in my opinion) Final Fantasy 7 was released on multiple disks only 2 years after the PS1's release. I just don't think a game should be judged by the number of disks but, by the content contained within;)

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