inFAMOUS 2 Unveil At The PlayStation Experience

Eu PSBlog: Greetings from the SCEE PlayStation Experience in London!

We’re excited to be at the event, and for the first time, reveal how our duality/morality system will work in inFAMOUS 2.

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Sevir042872d ago

Bring on Footage of the level and the new karma system!!!

hazeblaze2872d ago

I don't even have any context to make sense of that scene... and it was still AWESOME!!! LOL.

zeddy2872d ago

i think they (who ever they are) tricked cole into pumping 20k volts into that machine and inadvertently powering up those things.

ComboBreaker2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )


And the graphics is just incredible.

Whatever this is, it's full of win.

ABizzel12872d ago

It sounds like the original voice actor is back, or at least someone who sounds similar.

egidem2872d ago

Oh infamous 2, how I long to get my hands on you! Speaking of infamous, I should go back and platinum the first game. I am left with only one trophy; the one where you have to acquire all positive karma powers. It was bothering me because no matter how much stuff I did, (collect shards, dead drops, side missions for good karma, all stunts) I always end up with like one power remaining. I have to get it right this time. Don't want infamous 2 coming at my house with nothing but disappointment for my progress.

clank5432872d ago

Wow, sounds like they really improved it.

just_looken2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

agree just hope free roam has more to do.

SuperStrokey11232872d ago

I thought there was a fair bit of stuff in free roam. What would you like to see added?

BK-2012872d ago

Hell yeah he doesn't sound like some douchebag anymore. The new VA is actually trying to emulate the old one which is much preferred in my opinion.

despair2872d ago

yea they made him change his tone lol, I still prefer the old voice as I played through with that one but this one is fine.

JonLon2872d ago

Yes! My fears have been put to rest :)
Can't wait to fire up this game.

Did anyone else feel like those were cryogenic chambers? If so, how long have those guys been in there? And why? Makes the mind spin with possibilities.

AKA2872d ago

wow the campaign will be epic just like or more then inF1
so i guess she is the co op partner?
we need more details
i plat the first one and enjoy every second of it...

NateCole2872d ago

Thank the heavens!!. For a while now i thought they will go Uncharted and go full motion cap fully rendered cutscenes.

Its great that S.P is sticking to the comic book art cutsences which really is the best i have seen and really does gives infamous its unique character. Kudos to S.P.

Man it really is the best year ever to have a PS3.


This game looks absolutely amazing! i cant wait

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The story is too old to be commented.