8 Ways Sony Can Make Sure That The PSP2 Is The Best Handheld Ever

GB - "If Sony does not want to go the PSP way, these 8 ways are their best bet."

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Shubhankar2870d ago

There's frankly no way the PSP2 can beat the 3DS. It MIGHT be better, but it can't outsell 3DS.

gameseveryday2870d ago

I think so you are a Nintendo Fanboy. I rather see them both as huge success.

darthv722870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

His statement may be flawed but his idea is sound. To be honest, the best from the technical POV isnt always the one that sells the most. Practically every console generation has a market leader that is significantly underpowerd from the competition but yields the greatest mass market appeal.

Not sure how or why this happens but it does. Look at the 2600, NES, PS1, PS2, Wii. Each one considered the least powerful of their respected generations and yet they still walked away with the gold medal.

The 3ds will sell millions just as the NGP will do the same. Sony has made sure theirs is the best from a technical POV. It is the games that decide and Nintendo doesnt need all the firepower under the hood to deliver what matters most. FUN!

I choose both because of the different advancements each one offers over their previous offering. It will be pricey but well worth it in the end.

ForNgoods2870d ago

@ darthv72

very well said. this is no different than last gen for the handhelds. It's hard to bet against Nintendo in the handheld market considering their track record. Bubbles to you my friend.

Pandamobile2870d ago

The 3DS will sell more. I'm not a Nintendo fanboy and even I can tell you that.

geodood2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

The 3DS will sell more without a doubt - the 3DS is extremely appealing to casual gamers (of which there are more than 'hardcore' gamers) and the PSP2 seems to be going almost solely for the hardcore gamer market (however there are still a few games announced aimed at casuals)

For me, the PSP2 will beat the 3DS as I will enjoy it more. Something 'beats' something else, IMO, when I enjoy something more. I will undoubtedly have more fun with Uncharted, killzone, resistance, Metal Gear Solid etc. than anything I'll play on the 3DS. Besides MGS3 of course :D
Sales mean nothing to me as, well, they will both sell amazingly well. Look at the PSP for example. 65 million sold and that was the 'loser' (sales wise) of the last handheld generation. Now, I don't know about you but 65 million sounds like an assload of PSPs to me. As long as sony can afford to keep producing AAA handheld games - which they will be able to - I won't care about sales.

internalbit2870d ago

Psp 65million in 6 years and these retarded so called hack journalists think it was a failure.

telekineticmantis2870d ago

I understand what you're getting at but, If they make the price $300 or less, Promote it as sort of tablet/ laptop experience, with Great Gaming capabilities, Make PS3 and games portable to the NGP for free or with a little kit you buy one time, Make some casually appealing games, and give gamers what they've been asking for which is remakes & sequels to some forgotten(keyword because the anticipated classics should come to the PS3 not the NGP) classics. For instance a Remake of Final Fantasy 7 with voiced Dialogue, would sell like hotcakes. Also Playstation Suite should help some, If this is done right I believe they can seriously compete.

Ju2870d ago

I don't know. DS customer are growing up. NGP has all the buzz. It sure depends on the game, but much more on the hype. Currently the NGP is so overpowered it almost feels like the first iphone release.

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halocursed2870d ago

A simple SDK is the key here or PSP2 gamers will be stranded like their PS3 counterparts waiting a few years for exclusives.

IRetrouk2870d ago

umm sorry but the ps3 had exclusives day 1, dont know where you were, oh wait are you one of those old time xbots? the ones that used to run around sayin, ohh noozzz teh ps3 haz nooo gamezzzz, teh ps3 izzz doooommmddd

solidt122870d ago

It was already confirmed to be easier to develop for than the 3DS. They showed games running that they only worked on for a week in the demo.

cyborg2870d ago

most of what they have pointed out.

jaidek2870d ago

Sony seems to have everything in line for a solid handheld platform. I would hope they would open the development up to indies in order to have a flourishing app store similar to Apple. My biggest concern is going to be price...

Overmind4202870d ago

I've gotta say that the 3DS looks a lot better than the PSP. It doesn't come down to graphics, as Nintendo showed with the Wii, but it's all about the experience and the 3DS has Sony beat.

Eidolon2870d ago

What does it come down to?

iceman28852870d ago

Considering that neither the NGP or the 3DS has been released, I'd like to know how you already know that the 3DS provides the better "experience."

I'm not saying that it won't, but it seems awful assuming to say that the 3DS will provide the better 'experience' when I doubt you or the other people making such claims have actually held both in their hands and actually played with them.

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