Microsoft Targets Europe After Failing to Woo Gamers in Japan

"Europe is our priority focus right now," said Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's group product manager for Xbox.

After failing to capture market shares in Japan from Sony and Nintendo with a one-year head start, Microsoft may be running out of ideas to woo gamers in Japan and will target video gamers in Europe as the priority. The European gaming market was worth $7.8 billion in 2006; Japan's was $5.9 billion.

"It's difficult to see Microsoft capturing a significant share in Japan; after two years on the market, Xbox's position in the country is such that it makes you wonder whether further efforts are even worth it," said Hiroshi Kamide, a Tokyo-based games analyst at KBC Securities Japan. Kamide also said competition in the U.S. and European markets will make Japan a lower priority for Microsoft.

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WilliamRLBaker3866d ago

which is totally at odds with what they said and showed at TGS....hmmm
And last I checked...America was their priority market...

ktchong3866d ago

"Screw you guys. You ain't worth it. Good bye!"

stonedog3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

I think that all the developed markets are important to M$. However the US has the largest economy in the world and Japan the second. Clearly M$ wanted to take the fight to Sony home territory. It was a tall order to expect to succeed in this market as the Japanese are resistant to buying non Japanese products b/c they are not Japanese. The Japanese believe fervently in the quality of their product and the poor quality of non-Japanese products (I base this on personal experience). The PS3 is doing abysmally in Japan right now (although it is doing better than the 360) presently the Wii is uber dominant there. I read an article that the Japanese like to game online but prefer to do so for free. I note that Japanese game makers are looking to foreign markets b/c there is limited growth in the home market. Logic would state that for a greater install base M$ should have been a bit more focussed on the Euro market b/c to some degree it represented more low hanging fruit to be harvested rather than the difficult to reach fruit of the Japanese market.

nasim3866d ago

although HALO 3 would be released next week it would only sell among the existing xboxers.

No one in EU is willing to buy a defective console like x360 and over 30% x360s have been traded in for either wii/ps3.

HMV---UK's biggest retailer accounting for 40% of sales

ps3 at no 7 x60 non existent


ps3 at no 13 ...x360 not in top 35

jaja14343866d ago

@ stonedog
Its off topic but I have to say this. The U.S. does not have the largest economy in the world. Point of fact we are something like 17, if I remember correctly. Though if you want an easier way to look at it, measure the value of the US dollar vs any other form of currency. Hell Canada's looney is now equal to our dollar. A damm looney!!!

Last China is the world's largest...and its still growing.

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BloodySinner3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Smart move, Microsoft. The Japanese don't like your system for obvious reasons? No problem. Just make the Xbox brand known in Japan so the Japanese companies can make software for your console while tagerting Europe and North America. Took them a while figure that one out.

Captain Tuttle3866d ago

But you said it better than I could have. Good post and you're right on.

Have a bubble.

ktchong3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )


Relatively speaking, European values are much, much closer to American than Japanese to American. The types of games Europeans make, play and prefer are also much closer to the types of games American make, play and prefer: they are all "Western" games. Think X-Com (UK), the Longest Journey (Norway), Gothic (Germany). They are all European games that were way more popular in the US than in Japan.

It makes sense for Microsoft to go after the European markets first before Japanese, and Microsoft can play a role in porting titles between the two continents. European game makers will get to expand into American markets, and American gamers will get bigger selections of Western titles that appeal to American taste much better (over Japanese titles.) Both European and American games markets will be happier. That's killing two birds with one stone.

Personally, I would rather play European games over Japanese ones... European games and stories are more coherent and make more sense to me.

fllysurfer3866d ago

It´s simply just wrong to evaluate the European tendencies all the same way. You simply can´t do it. While culturally and upstanding values wise it´s easier to identify US and Japanese Citizens in the same way you can´t do the same for the several Euro countries... Period.

But it´s been said before, if there´s ground to decide the so called Console Wars (sales wise the deciding territory) will be most likely Europe.

If we consider next-Gen being just 360 and PS3 (which is correct to assume Wii is not per se). I would probably say that:

- US will be 360
- Japan will be PS3
- Europe will hover between the two until next next Gen comes around

However there´s a odd unbalanced there which was for sure not unintentional. By the current scheme of things... the next MS machine will be launching way sooner than the next Sony console.

3 years tops would be my guess and that sort of makes it difficult to pinpoint "winners" or "lossers".

Just my 2 bits...

Give us good games...we´ll be happy regardless of the rest.

ktchong3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Japan will not be PS3... it will be Wii.

Why just next gen?

If you look at 360, PS3 *and* Wii in the US, 360 actually still have a bigger install base than Wii. Let's consider all new gen consoles.

In the US, 360 > Wii > PS3

In Japan, Wii > PS3 > 360

Wolfmoonstrike3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

If you actully read his comment he says and I quote "If we consider next-Gen being just 360 and PS3 (which is correct to assume Wii is not per se)." He is saying if you count only between the ps3 and 360 japan is ps3 america is 360 and europe is both

Edit: I don't know man I honestly think It'll be the Wii 1st in all places I mean that sucker's still sold out that and hardcore gamers are a minority compared to causul gamers wii= casual family fun(bigger market) 360,ps3= hardcore (smaller market) the wii will dominate and its too early to see who will win overall all this is now are guesses

Silvia0073866d ago

land a deal with square enix.

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