Nintendo: First-Party Titles Still Reign Supreme

Digital Home writes: "Speaking during his company's earnings call on Friday, Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata unveiled the top 20 best-selling games of 2010 in the U.S. market, compiled by research firm NPD. Out of that listing, 11 of the games were available on either the Wii or the Nintendo DS. Nine out of that list were published by Nintendo. The remaining two games--Just Dance and Just Dance 2--were published by Ubisoft."

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eagle212874d ago

Despite the debut month of May, Super Mario Galaxy 2 still outsold RDR in the USA. 11 out of 20 ain't bad Nintendo, excellent. And COD on 360 and PS3 seems to always be what most want every year on both despite the bickering between first party titles on's crazy. :)

Shok2873d ago

In sales and critical acclaim, Nintendo games will always reign supreme. Hate on Nintendo all you want guys, but when it comes down to it, they make the best games known to mankind.

jammydude2873d ago

*in your opinion.
In mine they only make rehashes of tired old franchises.

MAJ0R2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

yeah I wonder if Nintendo will still be releasing Mario's and Zelda's 10 years from now, they need to let old franchises just die or at least evolve them

Sitris2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Releasing the same games, with the same stories over and over has gotten old for me. Donkey kong, Mario, Kirby we have seen it all before, give me a brand new character that I can consider as awesome as Mario, link, samus, please nintendo, on DS you have made a few but wii has been all the wii sports and wii party's games for casuals. I want brand new IPs, both MS and Sony have made many new IPs this gen, which have become huge successess why can't nintendo. Uncharted, little big planet for Sony, Gears of War for MS. Come on nintendo make some new games!

@shok, but of those new IPs how made a huge impact on the gaming community, you can not deny that the games have the same gameplay with tiny tweaks, and I am not hating on those games, I have more games for my wii than I would expect the majority of other hardcore wii owners have. I buy all of nintendos 1st party games, but is t wrong of me to want a brand new character that gets the marketing push that Mario gets? I want a huge multi million selling franchise that is synonymous with nintendo consoles, not just Mario and Link.

soren2873d ago

yup ur right and those who say nintendos games have the same story well thats not true though the storys never all that good lol makes great games tp story wasent half bad to me the worst story of all is god of war bad char devolpment

Shok2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Yet these "rehashes" continue to be known as some of the greatest games of all time.

Like I said, hate all you want, they're great games, regardless.

And Nintendo has plenty of new IPs, Xenoblade, The Last Story (not developed by Nintendo but they own it), Pandora's Tower, Fluidity, Elite Beat Agents, Captain Rainbow, Disaster Day of Crisis, etc.

All because YOU DONT KNOW about the new IPs doesn't mean they don't exist.

EDIT: Disagrees but no replies, of course.

Foliage2873d ago

I'm pretty sure they meant good new IPs, not random crap.

Nintendo is aimed for children and individuals with childish minds. You are fine with these games not evolving, because you yourself have not. How many times can you put a new bow on the same exact game and still get someone to buy it? The answer is: as long as people like you exist.

Spitfire_Riggz2873d ago

Come on guys stop being hypocrites. Im always reading about how awesome it would be for Sony to bring back "Tired old franshises" Spyro? Crash bandicoot? You cannot hate on Nintendo because they give their fans what they want, more pokemon more mario more zelda. I want as much Solid Snake, Spyro, Kratos, Nathan Drake, Etc as my tired thumbs can play ten years from now. Along with new Ips as well of course which you guys are right Nintendo needs new ips. But never let old heroes die out.

ChronoJoe2873d ago

Yeah but they only make one type of game. Practically.

If they could show me they could make a good game that wasn't just cutsey crap, they might be a more respectable publisher/developer.

I understand why they don't though, but no offence... making another Zelda, or Mario game each year is... easy. I'm sure they have talent as developers and game designers... but they don't get opportunity to show it.

ChickeyCantor2873d ago

"Yeah but they only make one type of game. Practically.

If they could show me they could make a good game that wasn't just cutsey crap,"

Fire emblem, Earthbound( seriously the story is much deeper than cutesy characters), Metroid series. Starfox( even though the animals were meant as a cute factor)...ironic your avatar btw

I think you are on crack.

ChronoJoe2872d ago

Rare make starfox, plus I'm talking this gen.

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klado2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Let me apply some logic to you mister SHOK norrys.

"Yet these """rehashes& ;quo t;"" continue to be known as some of the greatest games of all time."

Wouldn't that apply to any franchise that could be passed from generation to generation?, nintendo has its charisma when it comes down to their stuff, but that doesn't make them THE GREATEST but for their fans(Been there)nothing tell you the next generation of gamers will prize mario as we the actual generation do :C.

"Xenoblade, The Last Story (not developed by Nintendo but they own it), Pandora's Tower, Fluidity, Elite Beat Agents, Captain Rainbow, Disaster Day of Crisis, etc. = 7+ in the 5/6 years the wii has going?, and hope you ain't daring to call them ground breaking, they exist yes, but why ain't them that popular?, like uncharted? LBP, gear of war? or forza?...

Would really love new IPs from them, ground breaking IPs, like they did with back in the days ^.^, also bring super smash brother to the 3DS ASAP.

Shok2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

They're not as popular because they don't get LOCALIZED. My whole point is that Nintewndo makes new IPs, period.

Also, why do you think people buy NINTENDO systems? To play NINTENDO games. Nintendo fans are Nintendo fans because they enjoy the franchises that Nintendo makes.

And did you think that was the full list of new IPs? No, those were just ones off the top of my head, and I only listed ONE new IP from the DS - there's was plenty of new IPs on the DS.

Totally agree with you on the Smash Bros 3DS though lol.

hatchimatchi2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Disaster: Day of crisis was just that, a disaster. That game did horrible in the press. Captain Rainbow? There's games like that everywhere in japan. They don't get localized because no one in the states would buy it, save for a few die hard nintendo fans. Come to asia sometime, there's all kinds of kooky games that don't make it to europe/north america.

Nintendo doesn't make the greatest games, they just know how to keep their classic IP's relevant.

Also, and it might just be me but I've traveled all over Japan and the asian region in general and I've never seen Captain Rainbow in any game shop. I did however find a copy of Fatal Frame 4. :)

soren2873d ago

i can answer that cus ppl ppl only buy games with guns half naked men on roids and first person bull crap you say nintendo rehashes yet u play ps3? though all the fps aren't rehashes they all feel pretty darn much the same you get the same exp every time so yeah i i made a game with a big buff guy half nude and he had 2 swords ppl will buy it all the fake hard core gamers would buy it with out even knowing what it is lol so please stop this stupid crap and game developers stop the first person shooters its old already your killing the gamers

eagle212873d ago

sony wishes they had franchises that popular....are you guys even living in the present? You guys seem like the last nintendo game you played was Mario 64.....keep pretending ratchet is relevant to :)

klado2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Starting to think, replying to anything you write, would be a waste of anyone time.

Sony wishes they HAD franchises that popular?

Oh kid, sony has double the popular franchises nintendo would EVER, hope you ain't counting the sales as QUALITY factor, that only makes us Nintendo fan look like a tool.

People do BUY Nintendo games that much because nintendo created a tradition out of them, becoming GEMs in nintendo universe, just like halo for microsoft, not because some million dollar numbers...

The point is, you don't see sony over milking SEVERAL of their past franchises, instead they go for NEW entries, given your fanboy behavior toward SONY PlayStation brand... would go as far as to say, you didn't own PlayStation 1, 2, for the sake of deflate your BS.

Know now why you have two bubbles. :G

hatchimatchi2873d ago

Typical Nintendo fanboy, he acts as if other people never play new nintendo games, but in reality, the nintendo fanboy has probably never played the games he so quickly trashes.

Ratchet and Clank is awesome. There is seriously no reason for someone who enjoys mario to dislike the Ratchet series. The humor and stories are great. The platforming is fun and the weapons are genius.

If nintendo fanboys weren't so busy trashing games on other consoles they might find out that there are some really great games out there on other platforms.


rks892872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )


maybe..... but i dont really see that ....

Oh wait ... maybe here when other typical fanboys are trashing other consoles... like Nintendo... and there are some Nintendo fanboys feel to respond back in the same way.

Titanz2873d ago

Halo is a bigger franchise than I thought!

Great news for Nintendo by the way.

Nugan2873d ago

This surprised me too. I had no idea that Reach had outsold NSBWii this year.

Also, what exactly are people disagreeing with in your comment? That Halo and Nintendo had big sales this year? That's pretty indisputable. I'm confused.

klado2873d ago

It is called Disagree/Agree for a reason, who knows their reasons? N4G for ya, muvon xD.

schlanz2873d ago

I guess they didn't see Nintendo dominating as "great news". Great news, crap news, either way, it shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone that has ever had one half open eye on the monthly charts for the last 5 years.

Nugan2873d ago

Yes, but Titanz says that it's great news for Nintendo, not great news for gamers, or whatever.

I'm sure Nintendo is pretty pleased to have 11 of the top 20 games.

Although I'm sure they're less pleased about having their profits decline from last year.

cobpswii36002873d ago

Always be 2nd place, as far as 1st party content is concerned.

Sony has taken the crown of best exclusives. Hell, even their 2nd and 3rd party exclusives are amazing, thanks to Sony.

crazyturkey2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Wait till Zelda hits again, I'll buy a wii again for that game only.

Silly gameAr2873d ago

Good to see Nintendo still beasting.

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