Fight Night Champion - Demo gameplay

Eurogamer has release one gameplay video from Fight Night Champion demo.

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Psychotica2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Wow did you see how damaged their faces looked at the end...just like they never fought at all....

deadreckoning6662877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Jezus, they really worked on the physics! Look how fast Tyson can swing his right hook at the opening bell! Epic.

mightyboot2877d ago

The graphics look amazing

IRetrouk2877d ago

controls have been changed again, makes the game feel slower than the last one, graphics are very good though.


IMO....It feels like they took a lot of technique out of the game and it is waayy to simple. I almost feel like I have to dumb myself down a little bit.

I do like the graphics (almost cinematic), and the camera angle, it changes on its own throughout the fight, so you are not always fighting on the same side.

I may be able to enjoy it overtime, maybe it's just gonna have to take a lot of getting used to, but as of now, I am 50/50 on these controls, as I tend to go back and forth with buttons and the stick. So confused :o(

IRetrouk2877d ago

after playing the demo, im also not sure about buying the game, feels slower than last years and the controls just dont respond as well as before. and then there is the issue of stick vs buttons, i think players using the face buttons will win, its more acurate.

Ashby_JC2877d ago

Yeah I felt they DUMBED down the stick controls also ala made it SIMPLER!

I for one didnt mind the old stick controls. Ill have to play the demo some more.

The one thing I felt was lacking in the last fight night was the depth of the single player mode.

One thing im hoping for this versin is that they take into account your actual in...if I win a first round KO. My boxer shouldnt need as much time to recover...OR if I have a long fight it will take time to recover especialy if I get WHIPPED LOL.

I feel they touch the surface but dont ever get it right. I feel that way about TONS of sports games. They have the idea but NEVER go that extra step to make the game truly a master piece.

I want a boxing game. That I WANT to keep making different boxers and each time I sstart a career its a challenge. And not just have me going against tougher and tougher opponents.

CYCLEGAMER2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I am starting to like it a little more now that I figured out a few things, but still not sure how much I like it.

Not sure what some of you are saying about it being slower, I actually think that it is faster, well at least the punches are a lot faster.

On a side note, it is hard as hell to beat Muhammad Ali in this game SHEESH.

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The story is too old to be commented.