Smash Bros. Dojo shows off Solid Snake, his weaponry

This morning's Smash Bros. Dojo update was worth waiting for. It profiles Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl along with his arsenal of weapons from the battlefield. He brings Hand Grenades as his standard special move, a Remote Missile Launcher as his side special move and a reconnaissance camera as his recovery special move.

Enjoy the many Snake screenshots.

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vidoardes3901d ago

This game really shows off the Wii's power. It proves the graphics can be good, the action on screen is immense and online battles? Where do I sign up!

With games like this, and the fastest sales in console history, no one but blind fanboys can call the wii 'last-gen' now

SwiderMan3901d ago

In checking out these updates, Brawl looks so much more involving than the previous two SSBs. Wish they had ti at E3.

iNcRiMiNaTi3901d ago

carboard box, stinger missles, mortars, grenades, claymores, CQC, rapelling, and riding a cypher...looks like snake will be one hell of a brawler

vidoardes3901d ago

I'd like to see some more characters from other games included... Master Chief vs Ryu Hyabusa vs Sonic vs Crash Bandicoot anyone? :D

ChickeyCantor3901d ago just killed the game there!
Snake is a suprise but i think if there are going to be many random characters outside the nintendo universe, the quality will go down and will be more of a cash in game.( like Devs are doing with some crappy games on the Wii.)

ItsDubC3901d ago

The screenshot of Snake chokeholding Ike got me wondering how that move will work against Kirby or Metaknight. Choking Pikachu should look pretty funny.

ShadoWulf3901d ago

I wasn't interested before, but heck. This guy's got some moves. Of course, he'll never replace Samus for me.