The Eye of Judgment to be released Oct. 23 for $70

PS3 Fanboy reports: "The game, which features the word judgment with only one "e" in its title, will be released for $70 on Oct. 23 in North America, followed by a global launch later in the month. Yes, it will be bundled with the PlayStation Eye, and expansion packs will be available to buy further down the line. "

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achira3712d ago

cheaper than i thought. nice!

BloodySinner3712d ago

Yes, that is dirt cheap for what it comes with.

Cartesian3D3712d ago

same here... I thought it will be sth like 90 or 80.. but 70 is a really good price

Violater3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Thats a pretty [email protected] good price, I was expecting something in the 90-100 range.
I really hope that the videos created on the Eye toy can be shared with the PC, if not that's a definite no buy for me.

Interview from April 07
" One of the most surprising and welcome aspects of PS3 is how open it is when it comes to formats, ranging from its support of SD Card and CompactFlash to MP3 and AAC. Why then does EyeCreate save files in a proprietary format rather than one that can be easily shared outside of Playstation users? Do you expect to support other formats in the future via upgrades, as with WMA support on PSP and PS3?

Future formats are still being discussed. "

They need to fix this

Andronix3712d ago

What the...?

The UK is already flooded with products with 'incorrect' spellings from Europe. I really wanted to buy this, but this stupid spelling judg-ment is too much to bare.
That is why i dont like smoky bacon, and opt for smokey bacon.

if the Playstation Eye is cheaper by itself, then that is good value, and I will be getting one.

riksweeney3712d ago

Both spellings of judgement are as valid as each other, though I think that judgment is considered the American English version, much like color and armor.

jay23712d ago

Erm ok fine, sounds good to me.

Farsendor13712d ago

yep nice price.

you know woke up this morning was hoping to find something about jack thomas stops his video game crusade millions of gamer unite against him something like that, but well maybe another day! lol

WilliamRLBaker3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I hate that game and think its stupid, but that just comes from finding most card based rpg weird strat games stupid...but alas I will have to buy it for my nephew he wants it bad hes a yu gi oh,pokemon card game,dual masters...ect freak and as soon as he saw that thing he wanted it...its his #1 on list for christmas.

So ill have to buy it for him....oh well.

I like anime too *mostly hayao stuff and studio ghibli* but i cant stand card games...pirates, magic gathering...ect I think its because most people that play em...really are elistest nerds.

Lumbo3712d ago

I feel your pain.
Even being a huge Anime nerd, i detest Puke-ih-oh and Pokemon.
Still i will buy the Eye, even though the price i saw here was €100 ($135) ... including taxes though

Evildoomnerd3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Though it is a pretty innovative approach to a card game, only reason I see myself picking this game up is only for the camera, and that sucks. Anyone remember as a kid you would dig through a box of cereal that you didn't like that much just for the prize at the bottom? I see this EOJ pack essentially the same thing. They should also sell the PSeye separate in the near future, but I won't hold my breath :P

Edit: Yes there is some irony that "nerd" is in my username, but even I have my limits.