Critical Gamer: Dead Space 2 Review

Critical Gamer writes: With Dead Space 2, you could make a case that there’s something off about the way videogames are evolving. Here we have a game about a guy in a space suit that fights monsters for hours on end, and yet it is one of the most emotional rollercoaster rides the medium has seen. Sure, those emotions are often fear, tension, anger and despair, but they’re still uncharacteristic of an art form that rarely goes beyond simple fun.

Dead Space 2 is often an unpleasant game to play – it’s so relentless with its atmosphere that it’s difficult to play for long stretches of time without taking a break. This isn’t necessarily anything new for the series, as the original Dead Space was often just as tense; but the sequel makes so many clever tweaks that its formula for tension is much more potent.

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scruffy_bear2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Must sit down a play Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2 taking up all my free time

egidem2871d ago

Dead Space 2 is awesome! I played multi-player after completing the awesome campaign yesterday and...multiplayer is just sick! When you join a match, all you hear is screaming necromorphs, humans screaming, shooting, tearing of's insane!

joydestroy2871d ago

i'm on chapter 14 in DS2. haven't been able to do anything else except play it when i have free time lol. Visceral did a great job

CobraKai2871d ago

Me too. I'm on the same chapter, except I got little to no ammo and no cash to buy more ammo with. I think I'm porked.

gamingisnotacrime2871d ago

really a great game, high production values

kramun2871d ago

I'm coming up to the final chapters and I don't want it to end, I love it :(

teedogg802871d ago

I hear you man. I'll be starting another playthrough as soon as the end credits finish rolling.

HellzAssassin2871d ago

It plays.... absolutely nothing like Uncharted 2. No idea where you're getting that from. They're both TPS's but that's about it, regarding the similarities. Just stating the facts.

Besides that, Dead Space 2 is phenomenal! And definitely a GoTY contender for me :)

gamingisnotacrime2871d ago

is cinematic
the character hanging upside down in chapter 3 reminded me of uncharted 2

that is my opinion, u disagree fine, but still great game

HellzAssassin2871d ago

Alright, that's understood. I never meant for it to be an attack, but I was just stating what may have been fact. I do agree with you on the "cinematic" moments, but the overall gameplay is nothing similar to Uncharted. But opinions are opinions, and I shall respect that.

And at least we agree on one thing. Dead Space 2 is a great fuckin' game! :D

gamingisnotacrime2871d ago

it is fking great

yeah it does not play anything like Uncharted, but the influence of Uncharted is all over the place. Uncharted 2 + Dead Space 2 = an example on how to make true sequels (also add Mass Effect 2 and LBP2)

HOSe2871d ago

trade in ac b for it? ahhhhh

HOSe2871d ago

true, i just cant seem to get into ac, but know that ds2 will keep me hooked till i beat it

egidem2871d ago

I have played Assassin's Creed Brotherhood until I finished it. I enjoyed every bit of it, but not as much fun as I'm having with dead space 2. Dead Space is epic and in days I haven't even touched Assassin's Creed brotherhood!

HellzAssassin2871d ago

Well than, you just answered your own question there.

bumnut2871d ago

No Game is worth 10/10 because no game is perfect.

8/10 is about right for this game because it does not really offer anything we didn't see in DS1.

Still a good game though, just saying its not worth 10/10