TGS: Does Xbox 360 Need Japan To Win?

Japanese gamers still aren't lining up for the Xbox 360, to say the least, but Microsoft is confident that it can win the console war without winning over Japan.

"For us, winning on a global basis doesn't mean winning every single market," said Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg in a group Q&A session during the Tokyo Game Show. "We'll win some, we'll lose some, but the key is to win across the sum of the parts... you can win on a global basis by leading specifically in North America and Europe."

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no_more_heroes3896d ago

plus, it would be great to see more Japanese content on the 360.

BloodySinner3896d ago

We are seeing Japanese content. Ninja Gaiden 2! :-P

nasim3896d ago

x360 is already dead in both Japan and EU

a console needs those territories to win but x360 wont win. It is only doing well in NA but for how long?

CG3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

If the 360 keeps outselling the ps3 in N.America and Europe then it will win the console war simple as that. japan is a small market compared to europe and n.america

AngryHippo3896d ago

....i can see what your saying, but microsoft need to keep japanese developers on side, i think microsoft are doing everything right at the moment, they are being supported by Japenese developers such as Capcom and are getting titles that are popular in Japan as well as the rest of the world on their console, such as Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5 and Ninja Gaiden 2. These are massive for microsoft. Their is nothing at the moment that sony have shown that it going to decrease the gap. This holiday i think microsoft will increase their lead over sony. 2008 we will see but until then Sony will continue to play catch up. Sorry about the rant, i agree with the comment you made about Europe and NA, these are huge teritories that are vitally important this gen.

power of Green 3896d ago

MSFT at least needs Japanese dev support they do not have to win all hearts and minds in Japan but they do need to have * some * dev support the Japanese make stellar games when western standards are considered.

Ace combat brings tears to my eyes seeing that game in action its style is very emotion driven and it works adding pizaz only Japanese devs can do(slight over the top Japanese flavor with an western grounded edge).

Lost Planet worked too because of its Japanese flare and grounded western standards(10,000 pound mechs do not dance around like a dancers/ballerinas etc).

power of Green 3896d ago

I agree with #2.1 but hit the agree button for #2 because I agree with #2 overall. As long as the Japanese devs can adjust to the west I can careless about Japanses consumers or how MSFT does there or if they pull the plug on Japanese consumers.

Douchebaggery3896d ago

but i'm tired of that f*cking war talk in my book x360 is already a winner, no matter if they end up 1st, 2nd or last in sales.

Thugbot1873896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

"Just wait" **Cough** Sony will drop the big guns

CrimsonReLLiK3896d ago

LMAO... 'Just Wait'

You said it best. Well, I am tired of waiting. x360 has what I want now, and will in the future. When a good game finally comes out for PS3 that I want, I will get the game. Until then, I am not waiting around. Open your eyes, gaming is about games, not about which console is best.

MikeGdaGod3896d ago

cus in my book ps3 is the winner cus thats the only console i'll be supporting besides the psp

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The story is too old to be commented.