Square Enix announces Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for Western territories.

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DA_SHREDDER2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

They are lucky that the NGP is gonna be compatible with psp games cause as much as us real FF fans love these games, we wouldnt buy a psp just for them. Now give the fans the real next FF before you go totally bankrupt.

Edit. And a real next gen Dragon Warrior, fuck the quest bullshit Squeenix turned it into.

kvg882757d ago

The first RPG I ever solved on SNES; it was so frigging hard lol

mightyboot2757d ago

Good to see something smart coming from Square Enix.

Stealth20k2757d ago

This is sweet

does it contain the gba dungeons?

That would make it perfect

CrescentFang2756d ago

The Lunar Ruins? The ability to choose all past characters too? (like the wonderswan/gba version) (I forgot what else)
Kain's story in the lunar ruins is too good to pass up, look it up on youtube if anyone's interested :)

Rio-Hustla-Inc2756d ago

Can someone tell me if this is the Final Fantasy 3 that was released on the Super Nintendo in USA? I am confused?!?!? My favorite was Final Fantasy 3 on SNES. Is this the version? Thanks

antz11042756d ago

No, I don't think it is.

Lol, the install would be twice as long due to the hour long fight at the end w/ Kefka.

karlowma2756d ago

This is FFII in NA. Great game! Playing through it atm on my DS.

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