Wii Want Voice Chat!

GamerNode says, "The Wii lags behind in a lot of areas. Its graphics are mediocre, the online environment is nowhere near the functionality of Xbox Live or PSN, and the hardcore fan base seems to be ignored (just ask anyone who attended Nintendo's E3 07 Press Conference)."

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InMyOpinion3926d ago

It's outselling the 360 and the PS3 like crazy. How can this be? It's not that strange really. Usability/Affordance. Repeat. Usability/Affordance Usability/Affordance Usability/Affordance Usability/Affordance...

Smoove8083926d ago

I agree. What gets me is when its compared to sales and popularity of 360 and PS3. Anyone who attempts to claim they have entered next generation gaming only owning a Nintendo wii is kidding themeselves. For the little children great! But kick me in the a$$ if I just want to settle for mediocre graphics and no online play....Seriously....How is this allowed. Im not knocking the Wii. It brings the family together. Dr. Phil Should recommend the Wii....Maybe he has already! Its fantastic on its own, but dont bother brushing up with the big boys! It can sell three times what the 360 or PS3 does. It doesn't mean squat. Amen!

ItsDubC3925d ago

I still don't understand where ppl get the idea that the Wii has no online play. Granted, Japan has more online Wii games than NA or EU but online gaming has been a success on the Wii so far.

I personally don't really care for online chat. My cousin is one of the many annoying sh!t-talking gamers on Live, and I can live w/out that. For many tho, it would still be a nice option to have.

"In a poll done by IGN Wii editor-in-chief Matt Casamassina, an amazing 98% out of the 10,000+ who participated said they wanted voice chat in upcoming Wii titles. Any statistician can state that a sample size of this magnitude is representative of the total Wii market."

Actually, I would argue that this polling sample is NOT representative of the total Wii market. It is representative of the total "hardcore gamer" Wii market, but a large percentage of Wii owners are casuals that don't even know what IGN is and therefore didn't participate in the poll.

Ashira3925d ago

But I agree...
Just because it's cheaper and more popular doesn't they should screw us over when it comes to online experience. Who gives a crap about the graphics - but it really does make a difference in gameplay experience when we can't do what we want online, like CHAT!

nanometric3925d ago

Yeah, tamaguchi's where cheap and they selled like hot

PS360WII3925d ago

No Wii don't. Voice chat is nothing but annoying. It's only good if you have people who use it to plan attacks and they come one every 50 games. Otherwise it's just f bomb this and f bomb that oh and dang you n word. Why would Wii owners want that?

AcidRhain3925d ago

ehhh, I can take my Wii without chat. Nintendo is too concerned about 7 year old Timmy who'll get into a game and get cussed at. Get another console if you want 'that kinda gaming'.

Rooftrellen3925d ago

Because 17 year old Tommy loves being cussed at, right?

Yeah, sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.