Black Ops map pack: Is First Strike any good?

And although non-360 owners can't play it just yet, they can at least sit back and enjoy the feedback if it's rubbish.

Unfortunately for them, early impressions from gamers on Twitter suggest it's anything but - although campers are already reportedly getting annoying.

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hamburger1232696d ago

Is that a rhetorical question?

Wikkid6662696d ago

I really don't like them as of right now. Maybe they will grow on me??? but probably not.

bumnut2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

too late now, they already have your cash

EDIT - i forgot to add an evil laugh :(

Wikkid6662696d ago

Damn them! ** curled up in a ball... rocking back n forth **

antz11042696d ago

Look cool but thats just it: I have no idea how they play and I'm not paying $15 for a bunch of maps shaved off the original game. Maybe when they eventually go on sale.

AutoCad2696d ago

they are pretty fun..
liking the hockey map lots of fast paced action.

Shackdaddy8362696d ago

The hockey one was the only one that kinda stood out to me. But thats just cus I'm a big sports guy.

Can you go out on the ice or is it closed off?

Undeadwolfy2696d ago

What do people have to say about Ascension?

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