Apple App Store pwns 3DS eShop… Already?

3DSTribe looks at the Nintendo eShop and whether Nintendo are doing enough to combat their enemy of the future, Apple.

"Nintendo’s downloadable content shop, known as the Nintendo 3DS eShop, has been looking promising recently with a smooth overhauled UI. However news has emerged from a recent investors briefing from Nintendo over how the service might not even be ready in time for the console’s launch in March. Then there’s also an issue about how downloads will be managed from one Nintendo 3DS another… is this good enough considering the presence Nintendo’s rival Apple’s App Store?"

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disgaeapuchi2870d ago

Just hope content-wise things will be there for the people/expanded audience most used to paying £2-3 for a game on the App Store. Which means Nintendo need to be getting dev kits to a lot of indie developers. Though some of the flaws with the eShop's implementation do make me seem whether it'll be an attractive platform to develop for in the long run.

Dr-Zoidberg2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Not a good idea to link games to a console rather than an account. I can understand as a business strategy it may stop second hand 3ds which means more profit to Nintendy. However we are screwed if our 3DS goes wrong.

disgaeapuchi2869d ago

Exactly - it's bad for Nintendo, bad for consumers and bad for developers. It's an odd decision since they've made good progress elsewhere - changing currency values from points to pounds, making a good UI, at least having it out in the launch period.

Shame they only sent out dev kits to indie developers in January, there's no way a lot of quality content will be ready for launch.

soren2869d ago

well with game boy advance games on it yeahh sorry it has any store beat :)