Will MvC 3 be a true sequel?

Given the people who created this game have constructed a fighting system similar to Tatsunoko v. Capcom, will this game play as its predecessor?

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niceguyWii32874d ago

no, it will never be as good as a real 2d fighter like mvc 2.

lil Titan2874d ago

nothing against the new one but id rather buy a Dreamcast and buy the original

ShinMaster2874d ago

Or the PS2 version for better controls.

erathaol2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Agreed but I have everything against the new one

Have a few post on the matter but I'll stay clear of razing up a storm anymore. Its coming out and I can't stop it. I have quite a few friends that will be getting it. It disappoints me that I have become such a hater to one of my favorite fighting game series.

lizard812882874d ago

well, from what has been leaked, no. People are pissed. there's no story mode capcom was bragging about, and it has less modes to play than TvC & MvC2 had.

JetLyfe4202874d ago

Really and they want to charge full price? smh...

ceedubya92874d ago

Well, MvC2 didn't have a story mode either. This game at least seems to have character specific endings. And maybe I'm missing something, but I don't think either of those other games had much in the way of any real extra game modes either.

I think this game stacks up pretty well, and is a "day 1" for me.

lizard812882873d ago

Yeah, MvC2 didn't have story mode, but i don't recall capcom going on about story mode either. In MvC3, they said the story is great, its a huge story mode, ect. although i'm glade everybody has endings now, although they are less than what TvC had, from what i've been told, and TvC only had 3 picture endings.

IIRC, MvC3 only has Arcade, vs, Training, and "Mission" Mode

ceedubya92873d ago

Well, at its base it seems fine enough. However, I can definitely understand dissapointment over unfulfilled promises. At least they have the ability to add to the game if need be, kind of like how they did with the Street Fighter 4 games by adding Tournament mode and what not. Perhaps they'll do the same thing here.

Blasphemy2874d ago

They are saving it all for Super MvC 3 next year.

Sub-Zero852874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

The final boss is cheap. ... horrible jus horrible, and to think someone argued me on youtube that MvC 3 will win fighting game of the year over Mortal Kombat ...... what a joke not to say I'm not gettin MvC 3 but Mortal Kombat will be special !!!

Legendary-Status2874d ago

getting both..but I'm with you want be better than MK

ChronoJoe2874d ago

SC2 was anticipated more.

Dumb article.

MvC3 is great though. Just stopped reading when I noticed the author seemed a little ignorant.

Punch-o2874d ago

I miss my 2-d sprites im not really feeling the art style but atleast there is a MvsC3.

Corepred42874d ago

yeah everybody wanted a MvsC3 but this is definitely not what people had in mind. I think everybody wanted more of a MvsC2 expansion with new characters, levels and specials. That's what I was hoping for anyway. Not a Tatsunoko vs Capcom game labeled Marvel vs Capcom3

Punch-o2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Yep lazy assness from capcom this GEN.Sad to say im looking forward more to capcom vs snk 2 and SF3:3rd strike online.Make things worse with Marvel vs capcom 3 they simplified the controls just like Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

TheBlackSmoke2874d ago

Yeah cos MvC 2 wasn't just all the character sprites from all the versus games before it thrown in to a single game.

Everyone commenting on this story is a scrub, No one who is actually planning to be competitive with this game gives a shit about story mode and cheap bosses, those things are just there to please the flavor of the month bandwagoners who will ultimately never understand the game and complain about getting owned whilst in the same breath complain that it has been dumbed down.

Please dont let your "opinions" speak for everyone else. Everyone in the Fighting game community (not you) are completely hyped for this new era. The complainers are always the casuals. Capcom put simple mode in just for you, so sit back, mash away and then move on to the next generic FPS the week after.

stay free

Corepred42874d ago

^Waaaaa waaa waaaa
all those same character sprites made for arguably the best fighting game ever made. Marvel vs Capcom 2

RockmanII72874d ago

I agree with Black, the only reason MvC2 had so many characters was because they reused old characters. If they took the MvC2 characters and didn't change them at all (like they did with MvC2) and just added new characters people would be pissed that we would be paying $60 for an addition to a 10 year old game that still had pixelated graphics. People can bitch about anything nowadays can't they?

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