Ripten Review: Dead Space (iPhone)

RipTen: Mobile ports of console games are usually terrible. You have to sacrifice graphics, controls, depth, all for the sake of portability. Even if a game somehow DOES survive the brutal process, any description of it is usually preceded by “it’s good…for a port”. So when I say that Dead Space for iOS is an amazing game, and far beyond anything I’ve seen come to an iOS device, understand what I mean by that. This game IS Dead Space, on a portable

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Spitfire_Riggz2848d ago

I think this goes to show there is a spot for console quality games on the go. Not just doodle jump and angry birds

Hitman07692848d ago

hmm... Dead Space without buttons?????

KeemJ2848d ago

It sounds interesting. I'm tempted to try it.

jaredhart2848d ago

I'll play when/if it comes to Android.

bfenty2848d ago

It actually works really well...much better than you'd expect.

gillri2848d ago

Android version please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Invadersims2848d ago

Wow, I'm surprised that it is decent. Shows how far touch screen gaming has come. Great Review.

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