Fight Night Dev: Sticks/Buttons Debate To Rage On

NowGamer: Fight Night Champion producer Mike Mahar has told NowGamer that despite an accurate new analogue punch system he doesn't see an end in sight for the franchises ongoing 'sticks vs. buttons' debate...

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skyward2875d ago

Sticks all the way. Demo proves it IMHO...

Liamario2875d ago

Have to say that they have made the controls even worse than the previous game. It's like two cats having a fight. All you see is blurry fists. If you want to win, you really have to play it really slow and that's just not fun. I expect an amount of realism, but not so real as you would rather get hit by Mike Tyson in real life.

nevin12875d ago

Face button controls are way more accurate than total punch controls.

[email protected] right stick controls 2 hands.

WharenPeace2875d ago

I generally prefer buttons over total punch control, but I did get into the latter in the last game (well was forced to any way).

CYCLEGAMER2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

IMO....It feels like they took a lot of technique out of the game and it is waayy to simple. I almost feel like I have to dumb myself down a little bit.

I do like the graphics (almost cinematic), and the camera angle, it changes on its own throughout the fight, so you are not always fighting on the same side.

I may be able to enjoy it overtime, maybe it's just gonna have to take a lot of getting used to, but as of now, I am 50/50 on these controls, as I tend to go back and forth with buttons and the stick. So confused :o(