Gameplay Video: Call of Duty Black Ops - Centrefuge Pwns Zombie (HD)

As if you haven't had enough Call of Duty yet, the hits keep on coming. First Strike DLC is available today for Black Ops and the Xbox 360 has never been happier. After revealing some footage today from the Ascension map (courtesy of TheGamerXperience) we now bring you Centrefuge Zombie HD footage! Enjoy!

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Hitman07692874d ago

Nice, not bad improvement on the Zombies mode for Black Ops. I dig it.

DoomeDx2874d ago

Wooow so special..*sigh*

stuff like this happens alot in games like BC2.
''Ooh a moving thing just killed a zombie!!!!''

nothing special.

DoomeDx2874d ago

@ Hitman. what exacly makes this an improvement for zombies?

vgcgames2874d ago

the joy of killing it's so good, not in real life but in gaming I can't stop killing people

Clance2874d ago

I really need to get myself back into this game. Not really drawn back to it like MW2, I must admit. Think Killzone 3 may end it for me...

This does look good though.

Marked2874d ago

I cant wait to see how bad the frame rate is on the ps3 port of this peice of beelzbub crap.

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