Wii lead over PS3 less than 2-to-1 in latest Japan sales

The lead of Nintendo Co.'s Wii home video game system slimmed to less than 2-to-1 against Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 in the latest Japan retail sales data.

Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the Wii sold 26,181 units between Sept. 10 and Sept. 16. By comparison, the PS3 sold 13,101 units in the same period.

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GoLeafsGo3809d ago

Erm..hasn't Ninty been moving more consoles to the West?
I.e. taking JPN's shipments and sending 'em overseas?

Bigmac5733809d ago

Consoles are readily available in Japan.

crck3809d ago

But they wouldn't do it unless demand was met in Japan. Anyway we are talking about sales of about 110k a week in July down to 26k a week now. They haven't moved that many units to the west.

Skynetone3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

ps3's sold in Japan 1,143,798 as of September 3, 2007

wii's sold in Japan 3,530,000 as of September 9, 2007

360's sold in Japan 420,000 as of July 18, 2007

cmrbe3809d ago

Is it possible that PS3 could turn the tide against the wii in Japan?. I notice though that PSP is number 1 and that might have affected the wii sales. I notice that the wii significantly dropped instead of PS3 gaining.So Still not good figures for PS3 imo. MS on the other hand seriously need to do something if they plan to have future in Japan.

Hatchetforce3809d ago

Japan is the first step in the tide. Look at recent reports by analysts. Just as it was stated before the PS3 launched, it will win this generation. Not by the wide margin in last gen, but the PS3 will begin to pick up speed. It will start in Japan and as more titles, quite a few exclusive, arrive abroad it will flex its muscle elsewhere as well.

Also developmental trends that wish to push the envelope in terms of experience are going to find it is the perfect console for their outlet.

cmrbe3809d ago

Its funny we PS fans think alike. Yeah i know PS3 without a doubt will win again against x360. I was just beginning to doubt weather it could catchup to the wii with the way it has been selling. I really do hope this is not a one off and the beginning of a trend. It's still a long way to go with at least another 80% of the market to capture.

xc7x3809d ago

it's only a matter of time :-)

SonySoldiers3809d ago

No, we don't worry about these PS3 sales numbers in Japan, what we need to increase is the US sales.

The waits will be over.

unsunghero283808d ago

I say that knowing full well that I'm against the general opinion here, but please hear me out because I'm really not a flamer.

What I don't understand is what Sony has DONE to change the trend in Japan. There haven't been any Japan-centric PS3 releases since back when the Wii was beating it 7-to-1, so I can't figure out what the cause is.

The most obvious reason (to me) seems to be Nintendo's apparent allocation of Wiis to North America to fight off Halo 3 and the other American goliaths. I know that any suggestion about Japan's supply can be nothing more than a well-educated guess- unless you live in Japan, you can't possibly know how many Wii's there are- but the insane slide in Wii sales does not seem like it could be attributed to a lack of demand because as far as I can tell people still have Wii fever.

And I absolutely know that the PS3's Japanese sales could triple when MGS4 or FFXIII come out, there's no question. But I also feel that Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash are very important games to the Japanese market, and will doubtless also sell quite bountifully.

Anyway, that's my personal opinion. In the long run, Sony might have this console war, but (as for right now) I doubt this trend change can honestly be attributed to Sony's hard work.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3809d ago

The ONLY thing MS could do to win Japan is buy Capcom and Square Enix.

Of course, if you buy those pretty much own the market.

Hatchetforce3809d ago

I don't think MS would function in a keiretsu very well...

cmrbe3809d ago

But Chances of that happening is really slim with the way the x360 is doing in japan.

Apocalypse Shadow3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

"latest japanese sales show wii outselling 360 50:1 or 75:1."

or in this weeks case:

"latest japanese sales show wii outselling 360 26:1."

but every week there is a japanese article paring wii to ps3.and for those that say,it's expected that microsoft would lose in japan.

i think microsoft has more billions than sony and nintendo.there would be no excuse of 1000-2000 a week in system sales.especially having a year on the market to themselves.GameBoy Micro and GBA sp combined almost sold as many as 360.just WOW.

.................mag lev super train................

cmrbe3809d ago

Its always wii outselling PS3 and not PS3 outselling x360 and x360 fans always making the excuse that x360 is not suppose to do well in Japan and Japan is not an important market when we all know that it is total BS.

chrno3809d ago

You are right cmrbe. The fact that the 360 is not doing well in japan hurts the pride of 360 American gamers, and they have to justify the poor sales by making excuses that japanese don't like Americans. The fact is that Japanese like Americans more than Europeans do, so this excuse doesn't explain why the 360 is doing pretty well in Europe. It may sound unpleasant to some of the gamers here, but what I said stand correct.

BloodySinner3809d ago

Then explain to us why the system is performing poorly over there? There are over 100 Xbox 360 titles and not one, not a single one appeals to the Japanese? Something is definitely up.

schabeugen043809d ago

360 fans have got to admit, is that 360 strategy is just the west. I'm sorry, but it's true. All the games 360 owners enjoy are just big to westerners HALO 3, BIOSHOCK, GOW, R6v, Graw 2,Mass Effect, Oblivion, GTA content,Fable 2, Dead Rising, and Lost planet. The 360's biggest problem is Microsoft because they won't diversify their gaming library. While Sony's big games are more diversified and for every region. FFXIII, MGS4, GT5 big titles for both regions am I right? Killzone 2, SOCOM big for westerners. White knight story big for easterners and maybe the west. See how Sony's big games are spread across both regions? I mean why do you guys think Nintendo caught Microsoft so quickly? Duh there games transcend both regions just like Sony's games Sony's problem is they didn't get those games out fast enough. I mean can anyone honestly name me one title on 360 that would make me get it if i lived in japan? I mean we American gamers always say that japanese people are biased against the 360 because it made by Americans. Not True it just doesn't appeal to their taste I mean look at it from there perspective how would you feel if all we got from Microsoft were dating sims and rpg all the time, when we really wanted games like HALO 3 and madden? You wouldn't buy a 360 then would you? But I also don't think 360 will be a distant third

Just dropping some knowledge guys

BloodySinner3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Those titles you mentioned are a no brainer. Which ironically, I happen to own most of them.

Okay, now I have a question for you. Why did Blue Dragon fail to meet expectations? Eternal Sonata (Trusty Bell) also didn't match up. Those are two Japanese oriented titles which both scored good reviews. Please explain, because I'd love to know.

**As a side note, whenever I play Lost Planet online, I always spot a decent amount of Japanese players.

kn3809d ago

I mean 360 numbers are so low, they aren't worth mentioning. The sales difference is so great, it's not even competition. It's news that the Wii is outselling the PS3 by a lower margin because the PS3 actually has a chance of catching the Wii and selling very well in Japan. The same can't be said about the 360 so it's rather pointless to compare the sales ratios.

Imagine Coke and Pepsi battling it out for 1st place in the software drink market... Then there is Jolt Cola to compare. Jolt is a very niche drink and has a very small share. No-one is going to spend the time comparing Coke to Jolt or Pepsi to Jolt. It's pointless.

cmrbe3808d ago

Ok this is just my opinion with regards to the Japanese with what i have gather sofar. Japanese consumers in general prefer quality products and that are hip. Example Ipod. Not only it is a quality product but also it is seen as cool and anyone that buys it is cool cause sony and other japanese walkmans although is well built but not as cool as the ipod. When Japanese gamers see the x360. They see a product that has questionable quality and not very cool in their view basing on recent surveys with regards to brand recognition. Also the fact that the Xbox brand is know in it's short history as a FPS heavy console with little RPGS makes it even worse for the Japanese market.Eternal Sonata and Blue dragon might be their type of games but the x360 just dosen't appeal to them unless MS market it as a quality product that is cool to have. For you guys in the west it might be just the games will determine weather you buy a console but not weather its popular and built to laast.
I really don't believe the Japanese hate Americans as some of the posters are saying. From personal interaction with Japanese volunteers. They are perhaps the best human beings on earth at the moment. They are very respectful, Have alot of honor and very discpline in what they do. Best of all they are a peace loving folks and i hope it remains like that forever.

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