Mortal Kombat Movie Kasting Kall

Ian Fisher writes: Besides the return of Mortal Kombat to the hallowed halls of the fighting game elite, MK is finally making its way back into the realm of entertainment with the recently announced Mortal Kombat: Rebirth web series. Taking the MK series into a slightly gritty and somewhat grounded level of martial arts action may not seem like it would be cool, but the reaction to the eight-minute short/test film was unanimously good amongst most gamers and MK fans. Though I’m all for Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, what if Warner Brothers Pictures also gave us another MK film or web series based solely on the video game franchise? Just imagine a movie that’s essentially a remake of the first MK film that was released in 1995 but with a new cast, modern fight choreography and stunt techniques plus a better understanding of what MK fans want out of a movie.

Like any movie, the big question when thinking of a Mortal Kombat movie would be who the perfect cast would be.

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richierich2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

The thing that confused me about the Movie was the fact that there was no blood and gore in it like the videogame

rezzah2870d ago

The movies arnt known for its gore really, just look at the previous 2. What ppl really care about it the fact that they can see the kick ass MK characters on screen fighting. That all we really wish to see.

I can recall every fight from MK and about 80% from MKA because they were really awesome.

Yi-Long2870d ago

... it would be nice if there is gratitious gore and violence and such.

It should at least be as violent as Ninja Assassin.

Incipio2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Mortal Kombat's Konstant and Konsistent use of K and that whole Kit'n Kaboodle Kreally Kchaps Kmy Khide

Kwho Kis Kyour Kfavorite KharaKter?

Kmine Kis KsKorpion

Agent_00_Revan2870d ago

Great choices. good to see Ray Park in there. that man is awesome. He'd be a damn good Sub Zero I think. most of the others would be great too.

deadreckoning6662870d ago

Chris Pine as Johnny Cage? Hmm..he'd perfect as far as looks are concerned, but idk how much martial arts experience he has.