Fight night champion demo gameplay

Some gameplay from the demo. In the second video you ca see Manny Pacquiao knocks out Miguel Cotto in a really short time, first round.

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Smootherkuzz2876d ago

Video looks great, but the hands on demo is weak due to you can't set your own settings.Demo is just to fast to enjoy and take in all the new stuff.With that said I will buy it and custom set my own setting.

Kon2876d ago

Imagine how you'll become tired fast.

andrew1719942876d ago

but wat a sick experience it would be get loads of exersise

Spinal2876d ago

Played it, loved it. Gotta get used to the new controls tho wish i had the configuration (6) of Fight night round 3.

Day one for me.

SuperbVillain2876d ago

lying ass title...3 rounds,decision -.-

chadneil1234567892876d ago

What are u talking about the second vid he got knocked out first round

SuperbVillain2876d ago

oh,shit sorry,I didn't notice the second video -.-

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The story is too old to be commented.