Resolution: Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam review

Resolution's Chris Evans writes: War has never been so brutal, so tough, so 1960s. I am of course talking about the big old slab of DLC for Bad Company 2 known as Vietnam. It is a mighty impressive piece of multiplayer gaming, and I will state right here and now that if you own Bad Company 2, you should purchase Vietnam as soon as possible, and don’t give me any excuses trooper.

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bumnut2873d ago

Its more of a 7.5 imo. No mounted weapons, being able to repair a chopper while it is flying and small rush maps let it down for me.

Still can't stop playing it though!

ProGrasTiNation2873d ago

Repairing choppers from inside is the job(i miss it in the main game) & doesnt do jack when theres 3-4 rocks coming at you,i love BC2/Vietnam & anyone that gives it a 9/10 is just doing it justis.BC2 online rules no matter what map your on & id give that 9/10,so vietnam loses a point for not much destruction but gets it back for the music in vechiles & flamethrower.

HK62873d ago

I really quite enjoy the more foot-based maps and just the whole feelng of Vietnam. At least the value of it is far superior to a CoD map pack.