PlayStation 3 In Top 5 Best Electronics List @ reports:

Despite our confident posturing, most men really have no idea why some TVs, media players and stereo systems cost more than others. But don't worry, gents, in order to keep you from spending way more than you need to when you build your home entertainment center, we've identified the five best electronic devices of 2007; rare gadgets whose bang actually matches the hard-earned bucks they cost.

Sure, it was released near the back end of 2006 and it's currently in third place in the console market, but when you re-envision as a complete home-entertainment center and factor in it's recent price drop, the PS3 becomes a grade-A purchase. Specifically, not only does the PS3 boast one of the most impressive lists of games on the market (certainly more than can be found on the Wii), but it also supports titles from the first two PlayStation consoles, plays now-coveted Blu-ray discs as well as DVDs and CDs, has a 60GB hard drive, built-in Wi-Fi, supports wireless controllers, and pumps out pictures at 1080p. Clearly, if your looking to knock out your gaming needs, movie needs and CD needs in one short purchase, the PS3 in the name of your game.

The Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360 did not appear in the top 25 list.

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spammy_nooo3871d ago

Well, it deserves it. I'm suprised the 360 didn't make the cut as I've always assumed that askmen targeted the kinda guys who play and/or own a 360.

Still, though, I think the ps3 is going to remain the underdog until 2008. This holiday is a good chance for it to gain ground, though, and I personally think Microsoft should've waited to release Halo 3 until christmas to steal sony's thunder - assuming most people who get it decide to purchase before christmas comes around.

The Wii never stood a chance.

eagle213871d ago

I am an adult young male, I love my PS3..anyway.....The Holidays will be interesting for Sony to say the least. Some fanboys want to count Sony out, but they have never had Halo or Mario. GtA IV would have helped tremendously but Uncharted looks so awesome. Let me give you a little perspective on the psp (that supposedly had no games (by fanboys) last year even though Metal Gear, Daxter, and Syphon Filter were all 9.0's). The psp last christmas was priced at $199 for the core and $249.99 for the entertainment pack. The ds $130. PSP moved over 400,000 in November and 953,000 in December. This was the most expensive handheld gaming device, so even the npd was shocked. The christmas before (2005) it moved 1.3 million in December ($299) with no core pack! I say this because ps2 last december moved 1.4 million ($130) and xbox 360 moved 1.1 million (399.99), ps3 497,000 ($599)(but sold out quick of all stock available). Sony had a reported 2.7 million interested buyers last November but only 197,000 consoles shipped November 19-31th. I can never guess what the high def market (blu ray) and gaming fans will purchase this xmas. How many 360 owners who have had consoles for almost 2 years will be looking for something else? How many wii owners? It is hard to tell demand. PS3 is $100 cheaper with crazy games this fall, and the blu ray market will be packed with hotter titles than hd-dvd like Spiderman 1,2,3, Ratatouille, Pirates 3, Harry Potter 1-5, Cars, Superbad (just announced for December 3), Die Hard, Fantastic Four,The Simpsons Movie, and more exclusives ,etc. We shall see.

SonySoldiers3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

It's so great reading this kind of news! GREAT NEWS! No other machines can take you to a new level of pure entertainment ... say Bluuu-Ray everyone!!!

Only Japanese technology can make it happens, enjoy IT! It's built to last.

drtysouf213871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

first posted it. has over 5 million readers a month and is sponsored by well known companies like Target, IGN, Team Xbox, Gamespy, and Rotten Tomatoes just to name a few. You two should go check the site out because you could learn something. Power of Green your a hypocrite because you make comments about Sony fanboys censoring positive 360 news or negative PS3 news yet you are guilty of the same thing by censoring positive PS3 and negative 360 news. And The Round Peg your pathetic giving me a bad rating on two of my stories today just because we don't like each other. That shows some real class but I've already proved your a hypocrite and pathetic with this

Funny how you two didn't report my two negative PS3 articles today!

You two dislike me for reasons that you yourselves are guilty of which is more pathetic than what you accuse me of.

I'm ready for all your disagrees, replies, and excuses now.

BloodySinner3871d ago

Why is this in the Xbox 360 section?

THE HIVE MIND3871d ago

Yo you want to sell more concoles
lower the price
take the brunt first
and reap the rewards later
everyone wants a ps3
except me
cause i dont care about
A Ps3
im All XBOX 4 LIFE
but thats just the tip of the day
keep your mgs4 and ff i dont care
i gots my halo oblivion and splinter cell
so i dont need your games
but just take the tip
it wont fail

Bazookajoe_833871d ago

It´s the biggest, most powerfull and coolest looking console ;-) I love it =) (This is my oppinion)

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