Top 6 Greatest Fighters Ever

The fighting genre has been one that has revolutionized the gaming industry in more than one way. First of which, is raising the bar for violence and languages, the second being the introduction to 3d character mapping. Since the fighting genre really took off at the dawn of the 16bit era, we will begin the game references from here. Take a journey into the heart of Fighting games and take a look at GameRevolver.coms' top 5 fighting games of ALL TIME!

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Omegasyde3685d ago

Marvel Vs Capcom didn't make the list? lol BS List.

MK_Red3684d ago

While I love Marvel Vs Capcom and think it should have been there, the game that I really wanted to see there that's missing is Eternal Champions. Killer Instinct should have been among top 6 though.

Superb find steriotyp.

steriotyp3685d ago

when you have 148 people look at the listing, and only one approves or dissapproves. If you like the article, you should approve it. If you see a problem with it, let someone know. man alive.

MK_Red3684d ago

I don't check Pending area much these days but you are right.

Also, great post and article. Your article rocks! As an MK fan, I'm glad to see someone understand the worthiness of MK2. I totally agree with your list. MK2 and Soul Calibur are the best 2 fighters ever.

Bubbles for you :)

InMyOpinion3685d ago

Tobal 2 and Bushido Blade 2 should be in there. POS list. Toshinden? Come on...

BloodySinner3685d ago

At least the author was smart enough to have Soul Calibur in that list.

vidoardes3685d ago

Toshinden was cool, but I lost weeks to Busahido Blade. One of the most underrated game4s of all time in my opinion

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The story is too old to be commented.