Dark Souls harder than Demon's Souls

PS3 action RPG Demon's Souls was infamous for - and defined by - being bastard hard. Bravely, developer From Software has decided to make PS3 and Xbox 360 successor Dark Souls (formerly codenamed Project Dark) even harder.

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SnakeMustDie2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Oh dear, IGN and most of the so-called "professional" gaming journalists might nerdrage and throw their controllers out of their windows.

Istanbull2870d ago

This is going to be a classic cult game! :)

pxpxp2870d ago

Demons Souls is still one of my favorite games this gen. I'm sure this game is gonna be awesome. Hopefully this game going multi-plat means more money for the devs 'cus they really deserve it. Also, hopefully it will do well in a twitch-shooter dominated console.

young juice2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

demons souls wasn't even really hard. all you have to do is take your time and not rush through it. and its got the easiest final boss in history.

of course when you hit ng++ that should be about the time for you to break anything within a vicinity of 5 ft.

EDIT: does anyone know whats up with that broken archstone. thought it was gonna be dlc so shouldnt they get started on that before makin another f'king game?

Raf1k12870d ago

@young juice, true that. It wasn't hard which is the word most people use to describe it. It was however, very unforgiving when you made the wrong move. People tend to oversimplify.

NateCole2870d ago

True young juice.

Its really only hard right at the beginning but once you level up character wise and weapon wise as well as getting some of the important rings its gets siginificantly easier.

For me the beginning was the hardest part.

BigPenguin2869d ago

@young juice

The easiest final boss in history? 1-4 was so god damn hard, especially since when you lost to the boss, you had to get all the way back to him, and if you were not able to kill the 1-4 dragon yet, it was super hard to get back to him(especially if the allied guy fighting his way to the top died and stopped taking the fire blasts). The only reason he was easy was because you could poison him to death without ever fighting him(which I eventually had to do), aka, glitch him to death. If you fought him strait out like you were supposed to, he was hella hard.

young juice2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

naw man penatrater (was that the name?) was easy all you gotta do is get the keel smasher and not kill the one guy(forgot name). hardest boss in the game was flamelurker. only way i can win is by glitching it up by hiding behind bones and using my weak magic.

but the game is unforgiving....VERY

BigPenguin2869d ago

LoL Penatrator? He is the boss of 1-3, and hella easy, you even have help. I am talking about the boss of 1-4, the False King.

Active Reload2869d ago

"Oh dear, IGN and most of the so-called "professional" gaming journalists might nerdrage and throw their controllers out of their windows."

Are you complaining about the score they gave? How old are you?

SnakeMustDie2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

@Active Reload

Where did I state that I hate them because of the scores they gave?

I only said that because most "professional" journalists complained that it is too f**king hard but in reality it isn't. They are probably used in playing games like CoD that always hold your hands pretty much eliminating most of the challenges and skill required.

They should slowly take their time and plan their attacks carefully. Not rush directly to a mob of enemies pretending to be Kratos. Games like Demon's Souls required skill, CoD does not.

If you have been into gaming since the era of SNES, the games are hard compared to this generation because of the frequent auto-saves, checkpoints and overpowered weapons/skills that is present in almost every game released this gen but are absent in Demon's Souls.

If they are supposed to be gaming journalists, they should at least have some "proper" gaming skills because it's their job to play games.

Active Reload2869d ago

Most? Your exaggeration shows your youth.

"Where did I state that I hate them because of the scores they gave?"

I didn't say you hated anything. You used Ign as an example for your reasons of complaining. Ign gave the game a 9.4 and yet you still criticize them. If you're going to be the first commentor on the article at least state something informative about the article...a summary would've been great. I guess maybe you were trying to be funny or cute so you could get a lot of agrees, but to me, comments like yours clog up the comment section.

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R2D22870d ago

Why does this sound like the same stunt that Team Ninja pulled with Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Demon Soul = Dark Soul

Blaine2870d ago

@Snake (have to be specific because there are 3 comments ahead of me that AREN'T REPLIES):

lol, but I don't think so since it's on 360 too. They're going to praise it as the game of the century.

MysticStrummer2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I just hope going multiplat doesn't mean Dark Souls will be a step back from Demon's Souls. I'm thinking specifically of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved when I say that. Two similar games, one exclusive and one multiplat, and the older exclusive looks and plays better. Maybe it will turn out ok as long as they don't change it too much. I am disturbed by the brighter world though. Part of what made Demon's Souls so great was the oppressive atmosphere.

Blaine2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Believe me, I know how you feel about the exclusive going multiplat thing. But I'm not too worried. Even though Demon's Souls's graphics aren't often mentioned, they were definitely not shabby! But at the same time they weren't absolutely necessary to the experience.

Actually, Demon's Souls turned out to be greater than the sum of its parts, and that's really why I'm not worried. Because I'm sure that, even though they're developing for multiple platforms this time around, it shouldn't have any effect on their magic.

frostypants2870d ago


This makes me so happy. I'd have been equally happy with a Demon's Souls expansion, but whatever. Awesome. F***ing awesome.

AndrewRyan2870d ago

IGN gave super meat boy a lower score because it was too hard... BECAUSE IT WAS TOO HARD... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Just goes to show how fucking lame they are, play all the games they get on easy mode an can't handle a challenge. I beat Super Meat Boy, took me about 7 hours which is more then some full games!

edgeofblade2869d ago

Demon's Souls was LAME. It was an exercise in business suicide. If you want a challenge, that's what advanced difficulty levels are for. Instead, we got a game that marginalized core gamers while stroking the ego of the most hardcore. How is this a healthy business practice? How is this sustainable?

Bits-N-Kibbles2869d ago

GTFO. They sold more copies than they ever anticipated. It is refreshing to have a serious old school game that doesn't hold your hand in this new world of dumbed down broad audience games. Go back to business school so you can sell more of the same dull crap with a different name.

DragonKnight2869d ago

@edgeofblade: Atlus USA reported, and initiated a world tendency event, that Demon's Souls is the most successful game they have ever published in 20 years of business. You tell me how that's business suicide.

If anything, we need more games like Demon's Souls. Games that just drop in, no hints, barely any story told, and say "there you go, beat the game because we're not telling you anything else".

Get rid of Superguides that beat levels for you, endless tutorials that remind you how to frickin' jump, or the Enslaved platforming defect.

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theafroman2870d ago

my body is ready for this game

Chris3992870d ago

The game is only hard if you're some twitchy spaz who plays nothing but floaty FPSes and runs into every room as if he's indestructible.

If you're a cautious, methodical player, you're fine. Soundtrack for DS was pretty epic too, still have it on my playlist.

outwar60102870d ago

you liked the music??????

BigPenguin2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Wow, how can you even ask that question?

The main theme song is awesome, completely sets the mood of the game:

Great strings and piano track:

I love this song just because Garl Vinland is a strait up pimp:

I am not going to post more, because I don't think we need a mile long list. Honestly though, Demons souls has some of my favorite video game music since Hollow Bastion in KH1.

EDIT: lol grammar.

outwar60102869d ago

according to the massive landslide in dislikes its just me who hated it but then again i loved all the piano stuff from heavy rain the weird sci fi stuff from the mass effect series and the god of war music etc so dunno its just not to my taste

heroicjanitor2870d ago

Same here stand back and concentrate and you're fine.

Calm Down Sunshine2870d ago

And I'm a ginger-haired African.

Der_Kommandant2870d ago

"And I'm a ginger-haired African"

Please kill yourself

ChristianGamer2870d ago

You know there are white people in Africa right? You don't have to be black to be African...only born in africa

Chris3992870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

and yeah, I only died 3-4 times. Not sure how you were playing, but it's not hard to stay alive if you're paying attention. I also played as a Royal, so I had a regenerating magic attack right off the bat.

And ChristianGamer is right. There's not only dark-skinned people in Africa.

Calm Down Sunshine2870d ago

You used the wiki straight away?
Where's the fun in that?
You're doing it wrong son.

I'll add that to my notepad.

Chris3992870d ago

Wow, how egocentric of you to assume that there's a "right" way to game and that YOU are the voice of that movement.

I have two houses, two mortgages and a full time job. I don't have the same leiusure hours that I used to in my teens, so yeah I use guides (gasp). Sorry but life takes precedence over gaming. I'm not using hax or cheats, just information, when I need it. No shame in that. I don't want to clock 90 hours into a JRPG/ Action RPG just to realize that I missed something crucial for my character. That's a complete waste of time. Time, which becomes more fleeting as we get older.

You game how you want, I'll game how I want. Peace.

Daver2870d ago


hmmm relax dude, the guy is right... Using a guide for a game like this is like playing without the 'soul' of the game. But you are right you can play the game like you want to.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2870d ago

How is that possible? I died at least 100 times and I still havent beaten the second world.

jerethdagryphon2870d ago

first runthrough is hardest and while i didnt die unintentionally a large number of times i did die a few mostly due to my own mistakes

plating the game is easy if your clever only first run through is actually hard

LeGenDx2870d ago

YOU LIE!!!!!!! "I only died about 3-4 times my first playthrough." my ass...

jrbeerman112870d ago

probly used a guide right from the start

thief2870d ago

You could argue this was a bit like old school stealth games like MGS or Thief.

Jdoki2870d ago

You used a Wiki on your first playthrough!?

To each their own, but that would have spoiled the experience completely for me. One of the joys of the game was facing down a new foe and working out how to kill them (or even if I could kill them).

Chris3992870d ago

Grabbed it before there was any North American release, cost me like $150. I also don't like to "miss" anything in RPGs - secrets, treasure and whatnot. I never consulted it for strategy, just an overview of the game as information was quite scarce and most was in a foreign language at the time.

Mr_Bun2870d ago

To back up Chris, the Hong Kong version's menu screen was all broken English, and the instruction booklet was completely in Japanese. It was necessary to use the wiki just to understand what half the items in your collection were.

bageara2870d ago

sorry mate but you are lying

Chris3992870d ago

Jesus Christ, the game isn't that hard, it's just punishing if you don't adapt to it's pace.

bageara2870d ago

but there are a lot of trial and error parts where you will die a lo,.....oh ive just realised you used wiki guide for first playthrough...why would you do that!? whats the point?
sorry mate but you suck

Mr_Bun2870d ago

I died a lot on my first well as subsequent ones. I also died at the hands of many, many black phantoms who invaded my games (I referred to them as "@ssholes")

04soldier2869d ago

I was one of the @ssholes you refer to. I had a infatuation with jumping into random players games and killing them. It was a true test of skill. Instead of just outsmarting the AI.

Dearest Astraea....I have failed you...

InTheLab2870d ago

I died 5 or 6 times in 5-2 alone. Tell me, did you play the whole game offline?

ThanatosDMC2870d ago

It's because you're bragging but you aftually used a guide. It's like saying you're the best gamer in Counter Strike 1.6 but using hacks. Yeah, it's not hard at all when you know everything that's gonna happen before it happens. Cautious with a guide on hand... pfft.

NateCole2870d ago

Dude. That must be a record. Congrats.

iHEARTboobs2869d ago


What's funny is that you state the game isn't even hard unless you're a twitchy spaz who plays nothing but FPS, yet you played it using a guide (which makes it easier).

I'm sure had you went into it blindly it would have been a little harder for you.

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outwar60102870d ago

hopefully there will be less cheesy music lol

ps3rider2870d ago

well that is a good news