Call Of Duty: Black Ops Infographic Released

Aaron Alexander of RipTen; "Ever wanted to know what the most used gun in Black Ops is? Maybe you'd like to know the top 3 perks that players use? Well now we have all the answers in a new Infographic released by Treyarch..."

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Batmau52877d ago

No matter where i go, there's always a FAMAS and AK74u around.

Tachyon_Nova2877d ago

Except for One in the Chamber :) Something about that mode has pulled me in something chronic. I've sadly now played over 1100 games of OitC. At least I'm alright at it though, finishing in the money 76% of the time :)

Ninja-Sama2877d ago

I like using the Commando, I really like the look of the gun for some reason. I tend to use guns according to how they look rather than how they perform, pretty weird huh?

Sandwich Bender2877d ago

Now I'm going to start using the FAMAS all the time, and then get really sad when I'm awful with it, which I will be.

Kreyg2877d ago

"994,665,956 Cars Destroyed"

All were women drivers.

Kreyg2877d ago

Senior citizen Korean female drivers

CrzyFooL2877d ago

Senior citizen Korean female drivers that were trying to get to Country Kitchen Buffet.

Call_me_Ishmael2877d ago

What suprised me was that the famas came in first,i thought it was the second most overused gun right after the ak74u,galil being the third didnt suprised me though,its the third gun that killed me the most.

Hitman07692877d ago

Another Infographic, dayum!

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