TGS: The Violence of Ninja Gaiden II

Severed limbs, lobbed-off heads and buckets of gore litter the violent landscape of Ninja Gaiden II - and Tecmo would love to keep it that way, if the ESRB lets them.

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ceedubya93896d ago

Knowing the ESRB, they'll try to throw an AO rating on it because of how violent it is. Just keep it as is and give it an M rating. I've seen worse stuff in movies.

DethWish3896d ago

If movies like Kill Bill can exist then this should be allowed too :/

Que8133896d ago

kill bill goes black and white for a reason during its most violent scene. if left in color, the movie wouldve got an NC-17.

i dont see what the big deal is really. the videos of this dont nearly compare to AO Manhunt (yes, ive played it.) i dont think just because ONE game comes out recently and gets an AO means every violent game will. Manhunt 2 is just OVER THE TOP on sex and gore. Manhunt deserved the AO, but also deserved to come out and let people decide for themselves.. but thats a whole nother conversation.

MyNutsYourChin3896d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 won't get an AO rating. This game is no comparison to Manhunt 2. The article is reaching for something that isn't there. And stop with the video game-movie comparison because there isn't one. Movies are passive entertainment and videogames are active entertainment; passive means one sits and watches while active means one sits and interacts. There is a HUGE difference between games and movies.

MK_Red3896d ago

I know it's unlikely for NG2 to get an AO but ESRB can get crazy sometimes and other countries have big ban hammers. Hope they don't censor NG2's new ultra violence because (at least for me) that's the best new feature so far.